i’m making a list… checking it thrice! otherwise known as the twentyfourteen list of things that had better happen…

This year, I want to actually accomplish some things. In years past, I “sort of” made “resolutions” or goal lists, but they were sometimes a bit ill-defined and/or ambiguous. Other times, they were pretty specific and while I didn’t totally fall of the bandwagon, I found other ways to abandon them. (Like that one year I listed a whole slew of goals for a job I hated, and then in February got another job.)

So, this year, I’ve decided to make plans. Because, let’s be serious, I’m a professional when it comes to planning things that will never get done/won’t happen/I’ll forget about/I’ll lose interest in/are completely irrational. It’s my second job; planning stupid stuff. Also, I love lists. I’m good at lists. I’m just not always so good at actually crossing things “off” said lists… So in the spirit of the “new year” and because practically everyone else is doing it, I’ve decided to make a very public posting of some goals.

I really want to make a point to cross off some things from my Life List of 100 this year, especially considering I only accomplished four things in 2013. (Two of which almost don’t count… For example, I’m still currently finishing up my first year of teaching in Korea. My anniversary isn’t until March. And I did “technically” go to Thailand and did “technically” see some of the Yi Peng festivities, but I didn’t see the” Yi Peng festival. I almost felt guilty crossing it off earlier… I’ll assume you’re getting the idea here, here.)

So, here’s a semi-complete list of what’s going to happen in 2014. Hold me to these, dear Reader. I’m needy and helpless and need help.


From thelifelist:

First) #26. Learn the “Thriller” dance.

Second) #56. Start a blog (did that part) and stick with it for an entire 365 days.

Third) #78. Take a photo every day for a year. Make a scrapbook/album. 

Fourth) #95. Set up a bank account/fund that is solely for funding and re-funding international small business loans through an organization like Kiva. Make at least a $25 monthly donation to a female borrower every month so she can sustain a business, be independent and/or help support her family. Work up to be able to fully fund several loans.

Fifth) #97. Take part in NaNoWriMo and finish all 50,000 words in thirty days.


And now, just a few things for the year to check off here and there:

A) Run a marathon in Korea. If necessary, a half will suffice in the event of any injury.

B) Actually “decorate” my apartment. Buy a comfortable couch. Settle in.

C) Plan a trip to Japan in the fall.

D) Make a point to travel somewhere “special”-ish in Korea at least once a quarter. Perhaps to Jeju Island, a secluded beach, etc.

E) Start that scrapbook I was going to start when I got here… Forget the stuff from before. Just start it now.

Alright. I’m expecting you to hold me accountable. Do feel free to ask if I’ve been working on the twentyfourteen list…


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