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i just wanted a chimichanga…

Sometimes living in Korea is really frustrating.

I’ll give you a recent example. My BFF, JW, and I decided to go out and grab some dinner on Sunday night. I’ll admit, it was getting a bit late… But it wasn’t, like, say, midnight or anything. We left our apartments around 8:45 and started our journey downtown. (Because other than McDonald’s, there’s nothing “good” in our neighborhood. And McD’s doesn’t even get my full vote on “good.”) We decided we would eat at a place called “Dos Tacos” in downtown Daegu.

We really like Dos Tacos. It’s as close to Americanized Mexican food as you’ll find in this city. I was really craving a chimichanga with some overpriced sliced avocado.

So, Dos Tacos it was. (I was feeling sick that day, but was VERY excited about Dos Tacos.)

And then we arrived at the door, and one of the guys who worked there was standing outside smoking… And talking on the phone, and the door was open. And he wouldn’t let us in. He gave us what we like to refer to as “the X arms,” which is when Koreans make an “x” with their arms to over-communicate with foreigners that whatever you’re asking or hoping for is just a big, fat, NO.

And let me just tell you something about this: we were pissed. And here’s why:

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