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you don’t get to choose the expiration dates: a post about life, death, and family…

There are few things more sobering in life than knowing that someone you love is dying.

I don’t say this to depress you, Reader; I say it because it’s true for me. This morning, at 4 AM local time, my little sister called and woke me up–nearly hysterical–and informed me that our paternal grandfather was seven hours into an eight-hour emergency surgery for a ruptured aneurysm in his abdomen. Now, I don’t know exactly what that means, but it sounds bad. (Also, I was half asleep and, truth be told, I was initially annoyed that she would dare call me at such an hour. I quickly changed my attitude once I understood what was going on. [I’m not completely heartless.])

KSD (we’ll call her this to protect her privacy) was crying quite a lot.

One of the first things that came out of her mouth was, “I’m not ready!”… To which my response was, “Well, we’re never really ‘ready’ for someone to go.”

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