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tinder and sweets… Can’t Get It Out of My Head

Recently, (as in like, the past four days) I have been guided to Tinder. And much to my dismay, I was instantly hooked.

If you’re not aware of Tinder, it’s a social app for smart phones that will allow you to see other people around you… It’s a dating/hookup app in the most basic and arguably, most archaic form. You get 1-6 photos, a possible short “blurb,” age, and shared interests (should the other users list/link them from Facebook) about said person in your vicinity. And then, it’s up to you. There’s no pressure. You choose: yea or nay. If you want to know more (or maybe not know more, just skip the talking and get down to business [which, in my opinion, leads to STDs waiting to happen]), you “swipe” their photo to the right. If you’re not interested, you “swipe” to the left, and cross-eyed Adam is none the wiser. But, if you and a nearby admirer both “swipe” right, it’s a match! You’re alerted that Cutie “swiped” in your favor, too, and you’re invited to chat.

my tinder profile… what other tinder’ers see about me…

Simple. Harmless. Habit-forming. Continue reading

a week’s update… with yours truly…

Last week started out on a rough note. If you read my previous post, you know that my grandfather was struggling to stay with us due to some pretty serious health difficulties. Unfortunately, he passed early Monday morning, Seoul time. It was a difficult day for me.

And then–though it was a lesser blow, but a blow nonetheless–my BFF, JW, left to return to the States just one day later. Teaching in Korea wasn’t for him, and in his defense, his entire experience has been nothing like mine… Had I known it would be like this for him, I would have never even encouraged him to come! I was sad to see him go home, but I also knew it was for the best. We had four awesome, hilarious months of shenanigans together. He’s happy now, eating Chipotle and Cheesecake Factory fare without me in the Americas. He has promised me a weekend-long food parade of our favorites when I return later this summer for a short visit.

My grandfather’s funeral was on Saturday morning in the States, which would made it midnight on Sunday morning for me. I wish I could have seen it or been there, but I’m happy to report that my awesome grandmother is taking it all in stride. I spoke to her after the service in the evening, and she was in high spirits. Her positivity just reinforced to me why I think so highly of her. She’s the bees knees, that woman. Basically, she’s just awesome… and the strongest woman I know.

So, like I said, the week’s beginning was rough, but the end was positive and relaxing. I got myself moved out of my semi-shitty apartment into JW’s newer, much nicer and mildew-free one. There’s so much sunlight! I’ll post some picks when it doesn’t look like a homeless camp and things are actually organized and put away… Assuming that will happen.

Nothing too interesting to report last week, but I will tell you this: Spring has arrived in Korea. And I’ve got plans. I’m going to be disgustingly busy. Get ready for some good stories and make some time to sit down when tell you about them, Reader. You’ve probably noticed an obscene amount of changes to the look of my blog… I’m still working to get it just right. Stay tuned!

Have a great week!


spring is springing in Korea!

spring is springing in Korea!

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