i’m legit in this city…

It’s been more than two weeks since my last post, and as usual, I’m really, really sorry about my absence. I know you’re dying to know what I’ve been up to…

And so, Reader, it occurred to me earlier this week that A) I haven’t written anything in a few weeks; B) I’ve failed to write about a ton of cool stuff that happened last year; and C) I got another sweet gig that I have yet to tell you about. (This is all assuming, of course, that you care about all these menial things in my life… As if you don’t have plenty of things of your own to worry about besides my [semi-exciting] experiences over here in the ROK.)

To make up for this absence and the void of last year I have yet to share with you, I’ve decided to write several posts that may seem like a bit of whiplash. But just bear with me, okay? Today, we’re staying current.

Let me tell you about this really cool I’ve got going these days.

A few weeks ago, I saw a post on Facebook in one of the Daegu city groups I follow. The post was  looking to hire English speakers to write an array of articles about the city over the next year for the “foreigner” city blog. I thought, “Hey, that’s pretty cool.” As I consider myself a budding writer, somewhat sarcastic and entertaining in nature, I decided to apply.

And guess what??


That’s right. Somebody over at city hall decided that other foreigners in my city might actually read what I write about local businesses and events and hired me, along with four other women.

My mission: write reviews on restaurants, businesses, activities, etc. and report on local events, such as the [zillions of] festivals held here, traveling exhibits, etc.

Pretty cool, huh?

Over the weekend of April 19-20, the city staff brought the foreign writers and Korean writers together for a weekend of “training.” We first had a welcoming ceremony at city hall where we met and shook the mayor’s hand and were presented with a certificate stating we were part of the official press of the city. (The mayor had very nice hair, by the way. This seems to be something Korean people are just blessed with. Meanwhile, I’m sitting here, completely jealous of their thick, beautifully full manes.)

meeting the mayor of Daegu… just look at those locks!

We then boarded a bus and drove up into a mountainous area two hours away and stayed overnight in a traditional Korean hotel with a beautiful view of Jirisan, a famous mountain in Korea. While the view was breathtaking, the sleep was enough to make me prefer sleeping on a rock like a biblical character… My roomie and I slept on traditional pallets in the floor. We even doubled them up because we had extras.

the sleeping arrangements…

Still, this was not helpful. The next morning, I felt like I had been crammed into a box overnight and then stretched back out or something. (To think that I am actually considering repeating this kind of experience to do a “temple stay” seems borderline stupid to me… But whatever.)

We spent the next day taking photos at two beautiful parks in the area and then headed back to Daegu.

a photo taken at Gwanghalluwon, one of the parks we visited...

a photo taken at Gwanghalluwon, one of the parks we visited…

Perhaps the most entertaining part of this whole experience was that as foreigners, the other ladies and I were treated a bit like celebrities at moments. Literally EVERYONE there wanted to take photos with us. However, we knew none of them, barely spoke to any of them, but that didn’t matter. We were roped into taking photos together, in groups and alone, with Koreans who were also on the trip. So, to document this, I was able to take a photo of several Koreans taking photos of us.

make sure you get me from my good side, boys...

make sure you get me from my good side, boys…

That’s right. All the white girls are on the other side of that paparazzi zoo.

This is commonplace here, so after a while you just learn to ignore it. Sometimes strangers want photos with you, which also happened at one of the parks. Yep. Pretty cool, right?…

They like me… They really like me!

But anyway, that’s the big news this week. I’ve got a press badge now and I don’t know how to use it. But don’t you worry, Reader. I’m going to learn and then I’m going to tell you all about it. The assignments begin this month, so I’ll keep you posted on what goes up on the site that’s written by yours truly.

Wish me luck!


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    • shops4shoes says:

      Yes, I’m quite easy to find in a crowd here! Taller than most everyone and a shock of blonde parading around through the sea of locals. :-)

      Thanks for reading and all of your likes! Glad someone finds me entertaining. :-)

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