good news… i have room for at least three more scarves

Hey, Reader.

What you probably don’t remember is that I mentioned a few weeks ago that I moved from my old apartment, where I spent my first thirteen months in Korea, into JW’s apartment upon his departure. Said “new” apartment is a major come-up: no strange mildew smell; natural sunlight; brand new gas stove; bathroom with dimensions that allow for a hung shower curtain to keep half the space dry at all times; actual, working cable TV with a handful of channels playing English-speaking programming; and more storage space than my little heart could imagine.

The downside: it’s up four flights of stairs. But whatever. This place is the bomb.

So, I moved in more than five weeks ago. And over these five weeks, I have hardly made a dent in getting organized… I had a giant pile of scarves in the spare room, tangled and indiscernible from one another. I had crap all over the floor, begging for a home. I had Ziploc storage containers waiting to be washed and housed in a cabinet. I had clothes still in suitcases…

You get the point… I had junk everywhere.

Also, not to be forgotten is JW’s winter clothes. Because he had planned on spending an entire year here, he packed for four seasons (rightfully so), including a ton of winter clothes. As a result, his bags were crazy overweight and he paid the price for it on the trip here. Seeing as this cost was a gross misuse of funds in my opinion, as he would be returning to Texas in springtime and thus have no need for said winter wardrobe, I suggested he leave these things and I would bring them back with me when I visited the States over the summer. I’d have the space in my bags and it wouldn’t cost either of us a dime.

So he said okay.

And so, until this weekend, I had all of JW’s winter clothes still hanging in my armoire. In an attempt to make my living space, well, more livable, I decided to get my shit together and start organizing. I started with JW’s two jackets, winter coat, light jersey zip-ups, and numerous sweaters and shoved them into a few space bags. What turned into a chore suddenly became entertaining. Let me explain.

Space Bags 003

I (very carefully) shoved all of JW’s winter garb into space bags. My new favorite pastime is packing space bags, sucking the air out, and then opening them to watch everything “come back to life!” So, what did I do? I started hunting for my own crap to store in space bags.

Space Bags 002

I am, at times, very easily entertained.


So I shrunk down my own sweaters.

I shrunk down my winter sheets.


squished sheets…

I even shrunk down a blanket that still technically has a little ice cream spot where I spilled on it, but I couldn’t resist watching it get all squished up in the bag. I’ll wash it and repack it later.

Then I finally hung up my scarves. All 27 of them. The “scarf hangers” I bought have room for three more, so I guess I should find some to fill those gaps… I’ll wait until fall though.

Space Bags 007

the scarves… all hanging on the three hangers to the left…

Lucky for me, I even have a friend kind enough to help me rearrange furniture to make my place super swanky-cool. (And by swanky, I just mean that it doesn’t look like a homeless person is camping out here…)

I’m finally feeling at home in my new digs. And it’s just pretty freakin’ awesome.


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