XSCAPE: MJ still has it…

In honor of Michael Jackson’s new album coming out today, I thought I’d take you back to last year when I went to see the Cirque du Soleil traveling show, Michael Jackson: Immortal.


Since we weren’t allowed to video or take any photos of the show, I’ll just share a link for the show trailer… Watch and wish you had been there.

My KBFF and I saw the show was coming to our city, so of course we shelled out the $130 to go see the show. And if you couldn’t tell from the video above, it was well worth the money. This was my second Cirque show, and there’s nothing quite like watching dancers and contortionists in sparkly outfits gallivant around a giant stage for an hour and a half. We were thoroughly entertained.

I’m actually pretty excited about the new MJ album. Having not been allowed to listen to him as a child (conservative parents, over-protective mother…), I have an appreciation for him as an adult. I remember the first time I heard “Thriller” all the way through. I’m pretty sure I was in high school and watched “13 Going on 30,” that movie with Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo. In the movie, Garner drags Ruffalo onto the dance floor and the other partygoers join them and do the “Thriller” dance… Since that moment, I knew I needed to learn the dance and I became a minor MJ fan. One of my big goals this year: finally learning the moves to “Thriller.”

So, this is a short post Tuesday. Let’s agree to check out the new MJ album. I’m not saying you or I have to be die-hard fans, but I’m embracing what I missed out on as a kid: good music from a legendary performer.

I don’t normally ask for responses, but I’m curious. Share your comments! I’m interested to hear from you, Reader.

What are some things you feel like you may have missed out on as a kid, but discovered later in life?


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