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i had great expectations…

And now… It’s time for…

The Semi-Annual Review of My Annual Resolutions!!!

If you’ve been reading along, you’ll remember that I made a very public post of my goals for this year. (If you haven’t been reading along, or maybe just joined the fun, or you don’t care forgot, you can read my original post from December here.)

Now, I’m not one to beat myself up for not accomplishing things, but let’s be real: so far, I haven’t accomplished much on my list… I’m also a firm believer in making changes when necessary. So, because I feel like my procrastination has lessened the effectiveness and/or fun of some of my goals, I’m changing some of them up. I’m also going to do the unthinkable and add a few. (Seriously, what am I thinking?!)

So, let’s start with thelifelist:

First) #26: Learn the “Thriller” dance.  

This seems even more important, seeing as MJ’s people just released a new studio album, XSCAPE. It’s pretty awesome; you should give it a listen. I also wrote about seeing the MJ Cirque du Soleil show, “Immortal,” here.

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