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thailand for twenty-six… last year’s birthday travel extravaganza

Last year, I went to Thailand for my birthday. In fact, I left a year ago today. I spent nine days split between two cities: Bangkok and Chiang Mai. And the best part of it all? I went all by myself. I felt like a legit grown-up, traveling internationally all alone. (I suppose there is something to say about me moving to South Korea all by myself, too, but being an international tourist on my own was a bigger deal to me for some reason.)

(One of the most exciting things on this particular birthday celebration trip was that Starbucks in Thailand had peppermint flavoring in their stores… which we didn’t have in Korea last year. Suffice it to say I had at least one peppermint-flavored Starbucks drink every day while I was there. Lucky for me, Korea caught on this year and surprised me early with peppermint.  Yay for me!)

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