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so, i cook weird, boring stuff?… i’m single. don’t judge me…

With my weird work schedule, cooking and eating at home isn’t as easy as pie… If I’m lucky (and not overly lazy), I’ll make one thing a week that will last me for a few days. And being a single woman, I go for what’s easy and what I know.

Chicken fajitas.

Over time, I’ve gotten a little more creative with how I whip this stuff up. About six months ago, I quit using tortillas altogether and started mashing up an avocado and mixing in the chicken and veggies and eating a kind of “fajita salad.” A couple of months ago, I started shredding the chicken instead of just dicing it up, pre-cooked.Then I started dicing up canned jalapeno slices and throwing those in. And then several weeks ago, I started throwing in quinoa, black beans, and corn; and finally, a few weeks after that, got even crazier by adding some pepper jack cheese.

And oh. My. God.

My go-to meal has turned into a Korean Tex-Mex fiesta.

maybe it looks gross to you (and I agree, this doesn't do it justice), but it's soooooo good...

maybe it looks gross to you (and I agree, this doesn’t do it justice), but it’s soooooo good…

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