Daily Archives: 18 November, 2014

i’d like to think i started at least a little controversy…

I recently signed up to receive emails and blogging tips from BlogHer, the place where the thing we call NaBloPoMo originated. They’ve got a prompt for every weekday of the month, most of which I’ve glanced at, but not taken too much time to actually sit and write about.

The prompt for yesterday (which I’m just seeing today) is as follows:

“What is the most controversial thing you’ve ever written on your blog? What compelled you to write it?”

I think I can honestly say that there are two big things this year, on this blog, that I wrote about that would probably ruffle some feathers… And you can read about them. Last week, I blogged about my newfound appreciation for sex outside of relationships (or what the kids are calling “casual sex”). Several months ago, I blogged about an email exchange I had with a woman about homosexuality; and I came out (pun intended) in support of gay parents, gay marriage, and all things merrily gay.

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