i’m still making new [old] friends…

I missed a day (accidentally) in NaBloPoMo, Reader. This time, it was totally unlike the post I missed on November 2nd, when I didn’t post anything because I was lazy and didn’t think I had much to say… No, no, this time I missed one because I was out.

I had three beers with a “friend,” and three is a lot for me. Especially considering that in the past, I would say that I don’t enjoy beer at all. But I’m coming around.  (To the beer wagon, that is.)

I’ve found a couple of friends in the last few weeks in some sort of unexpected places. My beer buddy this week, both last night and on my birthday, is a co-volunteer worker of mine who I literally only saw in passing for the first nine months we worked at the same place.  He was leaving as I was coming in. And that was it. Since then, a few months ago we had a few beers with some other folks from the same group. Once, I caught him by chance because I walked past the neighborhood bar he was at. Last night, we were hanging out and swapping stories and laughing about our lives and how things have changed us since being in Korea until 2 AM. It’s been nice.

The other connection comes from an even more unlikely source, I feel. An acquaintance of mine from college and I have reconnected. I first reached out to her in December of 2010 when I decided that I would take the risk and move to Korea a year later. She had just come home from a 15 month stint here, and I wanted all the information she could give me. I asked a ton of [annoying] questions. And once I got here, that was about it for a while.

Then I reached out to her again much later and started asking about blogging. And that was it for a while.

And then she emailed me while I was back visiting the Americas and asked about doing some guest blogging for one another. I said I wanted to talk more about it and it sounded interesting, and I’d get back to her when I got back home to Korea.

And – you guessed it – that was it for a while.

So last week, I dug up that email and replied again. I apologized for my shitty timing and I said I was a horrible person and could we please talk again, more, about the guest blogging? Because it sounded super awesome and I really wanted to do it!

And you know what? She emailed me back and said, “Yes. Let’s talk about that!”

Then she shared some of her post-college story with me. It’s so refreshing when you learn that someone else shares some of the same feelings you do. You feel like you’re not alone; out making life-changing decisions to live halfway across the world, changing your opinions, and setting out for a life of adventure and exploration. We have so much in common, and we never even knew it.

We met in student government. She was a “senator” for her department and I was a class president, so we both served on the campus “Senate” and attended bi-weekly meetings. We were acquaintes, with seemingly little in common. But I remember liking her and thinking she was super cute and sweet. But that was it. We ran in totally different circles and I can’t say anything but Senate brought us into the same social situations.

In the last few weeks, I’ve learned that Anna (that’s her name, or so you probably guessed) is pretty freaking awesome. Just like I thought six or seven years ago, but even more awesome than I knew back then. She’s a terrific writer and a great blogger. I can’t wait to start collaborating with her and gleaning all of her blogger-internet junkie-writing-awesomeness-wisdom.

Go check Anna out at her blog, The Worldly Blend. You won’t be sorry.

So that’s it for today, Reader. Sorry I missed you yesterday. I hope you’ll forgive me. Here’s to Saturday and what’s left of it for me.

Talk later.


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