dear Kirk Cameron, you disgust me…

I saw an article online from the Huffington Post earlier last week that I was intrigued by. It was entitled, “Kirk Cameron Ministers to Gay People in ‘Deeper Understanding’ Montage Video.” The short article discusses a video put together by two dudes who call themselves “Deeper Understanding,” and who often string together clips to make funny videos. So granted, the video that was embedded in the article isn’t an original made by Cameron and his “people,” but it was… eye opening. (You can watch the video from the link above.)

I’ve not been Kirk Cameron’s biggest fan for a while… I mean, even when I was still walking the “straight and narrow” and considered myself a full-blown “believer” (in Christian lingo), I wasn’t his biggest fan. Sure, I watched reruns of “Growing Pains” on the Disney Channel when I was a kid and loved them and had no beef with the Kirk on the show. But as I got older and heard things, I really decided I didn’t like him that much.

Over the years, my disgust has only grown. I’m at a complete loss at how he and his followers don’t seem to understand why the people they are trying to “reach” are unresponsive and hostile toward him. Um, hello? Kirk? Earth to Kirk? You’re an asshole and you record it on video for the world to see.

Also, you record stuff that is just absolute horse s***. I saw a video months ago on YouTube (found from a similar article like the one I saw last week from Huff Post) where Kirk and his buddy, Ray Comfort, discussed how God created the banana and that it has in no way been impacted by evolution. According to buddy Ray, bananas were created by God just the way we  know them: yellow, with a “non-slip” surface, a “tab” for opening easily, and “grooves” that fit perfectly into the human hand. Seriously, when you watch it, you would think they were making this stuff up. Turns out, they weren’t. They were Biblically serious.

Please witness this ridiculousness:

Now, granted, this was eight years ago, but it doesn’t change the fact that Kirk Cameron (and Ray Comfort, for that matter) isn’t afraid to put some wild crap out there.

It’s no secret that Kirk Cameron is what many would consider a “Christian activist.” He’s very open about his faith and his beliefs. And it’s not the faith part or the belief part about Kirk that I have  a problem with. It’s how he chooses to elevate himself above others. To condemn. To spread and promote hate. Frankly, it’s not surprising why Kirk and his crew seem to get a lot of backlash from the groups they hope to “save.”

Kirk preaches that “Jesus is the way,” and yet he condemns people that I believe Jesus would love. If Jesus was real, and the stories in the Bible about him are real, he didn’t condemn the people he sought to save. He loved them and in time, they came his way.

Kirk Cameron isn’t reaching people because what he says is horrible. Don’t Christians get this stuff? That telling people they’re going to hell isn’t going to make very many of them dash to confessional or run to the open doors of the local, dusty church. People don’t want to be told they’re going to burn in hell (if it even exists… which is a whole other can of worms). People don’t want to be told they’re living their lives the wrong way.

I’m so tired of hearing that Kirk Cameron is after the gay community. Guess what, Kirk? The gays aren’t pushing you to date a man. Why are you pushing them to convert to your hate-based “Christian” agenda? Why are you completely ignoring science and making up your own facts? What do you have against people who love each other, love their kids, and are not hurting you?!

Just shut up already. All the stuff that is spewing out of your mouth makes me sick. People like you infuriate me and the exchanges I’ve had with hate-mongers makes me want to distance myself even further from Christianity than ever before. Educate yourself and then consider what to say, not the other way around.

You want people to ask or be interested in how you live your life? Live as an example. Don’t preach and condemn and hate them to their faces.

Give up, Kirk. The rest of us are tired of hearing you embarrass yourself.

*This post was written in response to WordPress’s Daily Prompt: Envelope Pushers.

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