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[korean] kids say the darndest things…

The other day, my students commented on my hair. Here’s what one boy told me:

“Teacher, your hair like dog feather. Gold dog feather.”

Translation: “Teacher, your hair is like gold dog fur.”


Sometimes, my students struggle to explain their ideas in writing or when speaking. Other times, they know exactly what they mean and when it comes out, it’s utterly hilarious.

I’ve also been told that my hair, when curly and “scrunched,” looks like ramen noodles (which they all eat).

Also, my beloved blue eyes are “scary.” Oh, the things the children say!

I’ve realized that it’s difficult to separate Koreans from one another. They all have such similar features as a people group, that describing one Korean person to someone else is difficult… I don’t mean to sound racists, but there aren’t many features to describe. Short or tall, thin or heavy, brown eyes. Sometimes you get a hair color variation from the typical black/dark brown, but even then I find it difficult to describe a typical Korean and set them apart from everyone else.

Living in Korea has really challenged me to be more comfortable with how I look. My thinnish, [colored] bright blonde hair gets crazy curly and wavy in the slightest humidity. In the past, I have hated it. I still don’t love it, but I have learned to appreciate it. Apparently, Korean women love curly hair because it’s so unlike theirs. I have blonde, curly hair. My hair is coveted among Korean women!

I have always loved my eyes, but they’re so unusual here. I have come to appreciate their icy shade even more.

Before getting here, I wasn’t too impressed with how I looked. Now, I have learned to appreciate and be comfortable with my appearance. (I would also be lying if I said that the comments and attention of a few men hadn’t also made me more confident. You can read more about that here.)

So, thanks, Korea, for making me feel more comfortable in my own skin. I’ve come a long way.

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