give thanks for the mood music…

Happy thanksgiving, Reader!

It was just another Thursday for me. I worked a normal schedule and danced around my classroom with excitement. All in all, it wasn’t a bad day.   To top it off at the end, I grabbed my favorite holiday coffee from Starbucks with my KBFF [Korean Best Friend Forever].

On my way home, I watched a YouTube video by one of my favorite musical groups, Pentatonix. If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t peruse social media, Pentatonix is an a capella group of five young singers from Texas. They’re basically the best thing to ever happen to a cappella music.

Dude. They’re. So. GOOD.

Having performed in a cappella groups in the past, Pentatonix makes me miss my days of high school jazz ensemble and church performances. Their sound is so incredible. Their harmonies are so tight. They’re so creative – so much of their stuff sounds like actual instruments, but there aren’t any! So. Good.

When I hear some of their arrangements, I feel so moved. It literally feels like a physical change happens in my chest, in my heart. I feel this immense need to write something meaningful. To craft something symbolic and heartfelt. I want to craft something that stops people in their tracks. Those sounds… they mesmerize me and I get lost in my own thoughts.

It’s a little crazy… I admit it. But do you know what I mean? Is there some kind of music, a song, or a group that just makes you stop in awe of your own life? That has the power to stir up your emotions? That – at the risk of continuing to sound totally corny – moves you? 

If you don’t, I’ll help you out. Check out this video of Pentatonix performing “Mary, Did You Know?” If you aren’t totally moved and/or get chills from this, you may not be human…

And here’s “Silent Night”…

So, there you have it. If you enjoyed the song, I highly recommend checking out their other pieces. Even their fast-paced stuff gives me the woozies. I feel unstoppable (or something like that).

Happy thanksgiving, Reader. Stay safe out there doing your shopping tomorrow!


So now it’s your turn. What music “moves” you? Share in the comments! I’ll definitely be checking out your favorites.

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