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i’m going to be the most Christmas-y of them all…

NaBloPoMo is coming to a close tomorrow. I missed two days – one on accident and one out of laziness – but overall, I stuck with it. I realize that maybe I should be posting these sort of sentiments tomorrow, on the actual last day of the whole “thing.” But all day, I’ve been thinking about how proud of myself I am.

I’m also quite proud of my decoration planning for my classroom. Today, I single-handedly traced and cut out 89, four-inch Christmas bulb shapes in various colors. And then I realized that I want to add some glitter to the edges (because I’m an over-achiever and it will be awesome and I have to win). I haven’t gotten to the glitter mess yet, but it’s on the list for tomorrow.

I’m not done with the other decor planning and execution thereof, but rest assured, I’m going to win. There’s no contest, no one has made any kind of announcement to say that we should decorate our classrooms and compete for the best, but I’m going to win.

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