i’m going to be the most Christmas-y of them all…

NaBloPoMo is coming to a close tomorrow. I missed two days – one on accident and one out of laziness – but overall, I stuck with it. I realize that maybe I should be posting these sort of sentiments tomorrow, on the actual last day of the whole “thing.” But all day, I’ve been thinking about how proud of myself I am.

I’m also quite proud of my decoration planning for my classroom. Today, I single-handedly traced and cut out 89, four-inch Christmas bulb shapes in various colors. And then I realized that I want to add some glitter to the edges (because I’m an over-achiever and it will be awesome and I have to win). I haven’t gotten to the glitter mess yet, but it’s on the list for tomorrow.

I’m not done with the other decor planning and execution thereof, but rest assured, I’m going to win. There’s no contest, no one has made any kind of announcement to say that we should decorate our classrooms and compete for the best, but I’m going to win.

When it’s all finished and everything is in its place, I’ll post some photos for you so you can revel with me in the awesomeness of my Christmas-clad classroom. It will be dressed with the best cheer. It will be decked with jolly, bright colors.

Bottom line: it will be the best and I will win. End of story.

Any teachers out there who have some easy decor ideas? I don’t have access to a lot of things in Korea – there’s no Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. Craft stores are non-existant. But I’ve got a glue gun, access to a myriad of paper, popsicle sticks and a lot of time on my hands.

Wish me luck, Reader, as I continue to execute the Most Wonderful Classroom of All at the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Happy Saturday!


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  2. You could cut out snowflakes and tack them to the windows…also look on Pinterest for ideas…you could also look up cinnamon ornaments, y glue and cinnamon and you roll it out and cut out ornaments(use cookie cutters shapes) and just dry out, you can also paint them…

    • shops4shoes says:

      These are great ideas, Annie! I actually have only one window… And it just opens up to a storage area at the back of our rented space. I randomly found some snow in a can (which I’ve never actually had the pleasure of using before!) a couple months ago that I was planning to spray on the window. And I’ve been on a Pinterest rampage. I have a whole board dedicated to classroom Christmas. I bought some wagon wheel noodles last night to hot glue into snowflake shapes and hang from the ceiling. Ground cinnamon I can find, but cookie cutters are hard to track down! Koreans don’t do Christmas with the same enthusiasm we do. (Also, random side note: I’ve never seen cinnamon sticks here! Weird, huh?)

      Thanks for the ideas! I may use the paper snowflake suggestion somehow. I was considering it before! :)

    • Glad to help, thought you can glitter the snowflakes too…you could probably cut out some templates and use those as cookie cutters…if you are going to hang them, fishline works great or dental floss…it is thin enough and light enough too…

    • shops4shoes says:

      I’ve been having trouble finding fishing wire, but I know it’s here… Somewhere… But the dental floss is an excellent idea and I have plenty of that at home! Thanks!!

  3. K. Renae P. says:

    89 handmade light bulbs? You rock my friend.

    Used to have my students make paper snowflakes, and I’d hang them from the ceiling. That was before we were banned from hanging things from ceilings for fire safety purposes.

    I always loved our weird snowflakes. It was the only Christmas snow we’d see.

    • shops4shoes says:

      Thanks for the suggestions, K. Renae! I hung some paper things from my ceiling months ago and figured I would swap them out for either snowflakes of some kind of paper ornament shapes. I found an idea on Pinterest to make snowflakes out of wagon wheel-shaped noodles and might try that! However, if they get too heavy to stay in the ceiling, I may have to go back to paper snowflakes and the ornament idea… We’ll see! :)

      Thanks for reading!

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