the missing Christmas-y classroom pictures…

If you read my previous post of my my Christmas classroom decor, you’ll know that I somehow managed to lose the photos I took of my completed work. I promised to snap a few of all that was still up (which is all of it) and add them here. So, without further ado, here’s the final products:

So there you have it! The most Christmas-y this year. The bar has been set. This year will be epic.


  1. Just Love The Door! You did a fantastic job, bright, colourful and cheerful…fantastic environment for the kids to learn…(maybe just fix up the bottom of the tree trunk, it looks a tad scraggly)…maybe for spring you could have blossoms on the tree? Overall you certainly won the Best Christmas Competition.. Great Job!

    • Thanks, Annie!! I agree with your comment about the trunk – it used to be fuller, but the kids have picked at it and over time, destroyed the bottom! It needs to be spruced up. I’ve actually already cut out apple shapes for the spring, but I really love your idea of blossoms! I might hang on to the apples and save them for fall! :)

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