dude, it’s finally happening…

Reader. Oh my god.

Oh my GODIE. Oh. My. GOD.

Hell hath frozen over. It’s happening. My Korean dream of all dreams is coming true:

They’re building a Starbucks in my neighborhood.

Blog Pics 1.30.15 005


This is the one thing that I have thought would make my life in Korea complete. If there was just a Starbucks in my neighborhood, I thought, I would truly be happy. All would be as it should be. The universe will have given me my one, last Korean wish.

And the best part about it all? IT’S IN THE BUILDING DIRECTLY NEXT TO MY SCHOOL. It’s like they’re begging me to spend every dime of my paycheck in there. I mean, seriously, it’s true. The place isn’t even more than a gutted building right now, but never you mind that. The Starbucks gods reminded me just this morning that I have two coupons for free drinks and one for a breakfast sandwich. (Of course, they reminded me of this after I had already paid for my chai and egg-and-bagel sandwich, but, you know, whatever. I have them for later at my real neighborhood Starbucks.)

Blog Pics 1.30.15 006

Do you know how much easier it just got to keep my writing time sacred? To have no excuse not to drop in to my beloved Sbux and have one of my favorites? (Chai latte, caramel macchiato, or peppermint mocha… All extra hot, of course, unless it’s summer…) To sit down and allow the creative to spill out from my fingers? It just got much, much, MUCH easier.

The day I found out about this glorious news also happened to be the day this week when I found out one of my least favorite students (arguably, my very least favorite student) quit… It was cause for a serious series of celebrations. Excuse me for being excited about cool stuff like kids moving to other academies and the Starbucks gods smiling down on me.

Blog Pics 1.30.15 007

And, you know what else? It’s freakin’ Friday. The weekend is closing in and after a long week, it will be welcomed with open arms. My life is getting back to normal after several weeks of crazy extra classes, and I’m adjusting back to having enough time and energy to actually get things done on my never-ending lists. Sure, I’m still behind, but I’m catching up (Sbux beverage in hand)!

Happy weekend, Reader. I hope your week is shaping up to close as brilliantly as mine.



    • I’ve gone to a few little places in my neighborhood just walking distance from my house since writing this, along with several others around town and I’ve fallen in love!

      Starbucks is still my first love and go-to place, but I’m experimenting. :)

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