it’s a wrap… the truth about January intentions…

I’ve been looking forward to this post (and also dreading it) for more than a week now. Want to know why I wasn’t so excited about it? Because I knew I had blown my chances at checking more than a few things off my list for this month, which kills me. But only a little bit. At some point, I suppose I got comfortable missing goals and stopped beating myself up about not making it to the proverbial end on the highest of notes. (We’ve talked about this before…)

And honestly, I can’t decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing…

But anyway, let’s go back through the list, piece by piece, and blurb a little bit about each one. Sorry if this bores you, but I figure it’s good for me because maybe I’ll be more motivated once February starts tomorrow… Well. I mean, here’s hoping, anyway.

1. Bake a cheesecake from scratch.

Oops. I mostly blame this not happening on not having all the necessary supplies. On the day when I made a special trip to a department store to obtain said special supplies, said department store didn’t have what I needed. I then proceeded to not make an additional trip to another store where I presumably could have found what I wanted. Whatever. Maybe I should revisit this when cold desserts will be more appreciated.

2. Start investing in one woman’s business a month through (The Life List – #13)

I did this! I started this project! Yay, me.

3. Write one letter a month to someone meaningful in my life and mail it to them.

Did this one, too, and was pretty excited. Who did I choose for this month? My little sister, KSD. 

4. Take a photo every day of the year.

Reader, I totally blew it on this one. There were several days that went by where I didn’t take a photo… And I feel pretty guilty about it. (I really do feel stupid guilty about this one. Really.) Because, honestly, how hard is it to take a photo? REALLY? Not hard. But you know me, I’m a little bit of a disappointment.

Here’s a gallery, however, of all the pictures I did manage to take some days this month.

5. Keep a jar of “memories” from good days throughout the year. At least one thing should go into the jar per week.

Done. So super duper excited about this. Also, I took a picture of the jar so that counts for one for today, right?

the "pretty paper" I ended up getting for this little project is actually tiny little envelopes that fold into themselves. how cute are they?!

the “pretty paper” I ended up getting for this little project is actually tiny little envelopes that fold into themselves. how cute are they?!

6. Blog at least eight times each month. Find a weekly “thing” to post.

Let’s call this post #8, huh, Reader? (Although, if you really want to get technical, it’s #7 because one post this month is comprised only of photos for a previous post that lacked said pictures. Again, WHATEVER.)

Still looking to find that weekly “thing,” but I want to let you know I’m aiming for Tuesdays. Hope that works for you…

7. Try one new recipe a month that I probably pinned two years ago on Pinterest. Write about it.

Tried a new recipe, but didn’t pin it more than a few weeks ago while I was specifically looking for something to make with my students for a “fun” activity. They had fun. I ate what they made and barely gave them any. Bwahahaha. Teacher wins every time.


This colorful work of art is called "Loaded M&M Oreo Cookie Bars," and they were a effing awesome shock of sugary goodness. The recipe is via Averie Cooks, and you can find it from the link in my post description.

This colorful work of art is called “Loaded M&M Oreo Cookie Bars,” and they were an effing awesome shock of sugary goodness.
The recipe is via Averie Cooks, and you can find it from the link just below this photo.

I highly suggest you make these. They were GOOOOOOOD. I even had some for breakfast one morning. (I’m not advocating that it was a good idea, I’m just saying you could arguably eat some for any meal and you won’t be disappointed.)

Check out the super-duper easy recipe from Averie Cooks.

8. Start setting three to five monthly goals and post them on this blog the first day of every month.

Well, I set them, but I can’t say that I achieved them, well, because I didn’t. See below.

And now for that little list of the “monthly goals”:

One) I wanted to attend a monthly book club meeting. And I didn’t go. (What a surprise, right?) You may recall me writing about how I wasn’t that big of a fan of the books chosen for January, which is hardly an excuse. Basically, I just sat around in my PJs all day on the meet-up day and didn’t go.

But February’s book looks good, so this one is making a reappearance next month (aka tomorrow) and I am totally going. I promise, Reader.

Two) I was supposed to read two books. I blew it. I didn’t. I watched TV instead and finished House of Cards, both seasons. Which was really, really important, Reader. I mean, Frank Underwood did some pretty sketchy shit and who can stop for five minutes to read a freaking book when Frank is playing the game of politics oh-so-questionably? Not me.

Three) Run 30 miles. I didn’t run any. My excuse? Remember the pic above of all those little pills in the tiny cellophane bags? Yeah. I had an EMPHYSEMA COUGH for five weeks that leaked into January. I went to a doctor around week 4 of the 5. I was in no condition to run. And then, when I was? It was freezing outside. Excuses, I know, but in my defense, I was in no position most of the month to even attempt this one.

Four) I wasn’t supposed to visit Starbucks, Dunkin’ Doughnuts, or any other establishment that offered “designer” coffee on a weekday. Well, I didn’t make it on this one. BUT BUT BUT, I only broke this one once a week. I stayed pretty strong, in my defense.

As usual, whatever.

So there you go. The month wasn’t a total bust, but it wasn’t too good. (It’s a good thing that I didn’t physically write any of these down because not having most of them physically not crossed out might make me super depressed. But, you know, WHATever.)

I’ll be back tomorrow with a [sort of] new set of intentions for February. As mentioned earlier, some of these will make a reappearance in an attempt to make good on the things I screwed up.

Happy final day of January 2015, Reader. We’ll never have this day again, so make it a good one.



So, Reader, how did you do on your goals for this month? Or on the intentions you set at the start of the year? Still following through on things? Realized you had to cross a few things off, maybe? Tell me what’s going on with your lists!




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  3. Dan Antion says:

    I think you did pretty good. Having completed a photo-of-the-day project twice, I can tell that it’s not as easy as it seems it should be. And you had 8 posts, the pictures count (and I liked them).

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