I should be working but I’m not… well, sort of…

It’s Monday, Reader, and I’m starting to write this post from work. Yes, there are things I should/could be doing, but I’m not doing them. My excuse? Well, I have a few, really.

First of all, I’m busy thinking about/planning for/altogether distracted by my newest project undertaking: completing some Reading Challenges.

Secondly, this week is a major holiday by Asian standards: it is the Lunar New Year (설날). As such, I will work today and tomorrow, but not Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. (Hurrah for me!) This also means that my regular work load, which would normally include about 50-70 notebooks written by my students, will be exceptionally lighter. Those notebooks will remain in my students’ grubby little hands until next week when I can grade and actually return them at the end of the week. So, I’ve got some extra time on my hands.

Thirdly, it’s effing Monday and I just don’t want to do anything. (I also didn’t make it to the gym this morning, but I did finish a book!) So, there. Those are my reasons. Call them excuses or whatever you want, but you know what? I’ve been working, just not on actual “teacher-y,” work-related things. I’ve been working on personal, reading, blog-related things. Which means you get to read about it and reap the benefits. Aren’t you excited about that, at least?!

So here’s the deal:

the greatbigfatlong list of 50... via PopSugar.com

the greatbigfatlong list of 50… via PopSugar.com

You may have seen a very extensive list of fifty (that’s right, 50) “book prompts” to read over the course of 2015. The list, produced by the site PopSugar, is slightly intimidating. I look over it and think, Wow. I really need to get my shit organized, Dude. I mean, this is going to be a major undertaking and I need to be ready. Write about this. (Maybe not write about all of it, but about the better chunks. Maybe every five books read? Ten? Maybe just a monthly update? Great, I’m already hopping down a rabbit hole…) Yes, I will write about it and bore my Readers. Well, hopefully someone will find it entertaining. Yes, it’s “go time.” Let the obsessive organization and planning commence. 

I’ve decided (obviously), that I will take this challenge, dammit. I will read 50 books outlined by PopSugar’s list if it kills me. And I will make a plan on how to do it, because, well, obsessive planning is what I do best.

I’m excited about reading a) a banned book, b) a book that scares me, and c) a book based on or turned into a TV show. Honestly, I’m not terribly excited about reading 1) a book with bad reviews, 2) a classic romance, and 3) a graphic novel. I had to google what a “graphic novel” was, and it sounds an awful lot like a comic book. Boo, doesn’t sound very exciting to me… But you know, whatever. It’s on the list, so it must be done!

Whist looking around the web to find a PDF of this list so I could print it off and start writing all over it (because, duh, planning stages have commenced), I came across another blogger that graciously put the list into a GoogleDoc and shared it with the rest of us. I tweaked her version by adding an “author” column (because, why not?) and then started to work on my list.

I’ve searched through my GoodReads stacks and looked online for things that fit the “book prompts.” That’s why I’ve been busy…

Here. You can have a peek at my list.

I started a basic color-coding system: all blue “book prompts” mean that I’ve chosen the book I want to fit into that singular category; all green “book prompts” mean I’m currently reading the book I chose for the category; anything in purple is finished. (There aren’t currently many of those… Remember, I just finished a book this morning (Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore) and therefore, I need to get cracking.)

I also decided a few days ago, via a Daily Post email that came to my inbox, that I would take another blogger’s reading challenge as well: Debra over at Booking It has extended an “Around the World Reading Challenge, where participants must read a book written by an author from all of the six major continents. (Nobody counts Antarctica, because, duh, no one lives there.) Her rules are simple: read a book, blog about it. Authors can be dead or alive, genres can be anything and everything. Leave comments on the challenge page to stay accountable and spur on the conversation amongst other reader-bloggers. Ready, set, GO!

So there you have it, Reader. I’m committing to two separate challenges, but will intertwine them so I can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Based on my math, we now have about 44 weeks left in the year. This means I need to read. A lot. A lot a lot. So, while I’ve started to compile the “list,” I haven’t yet made an official “schedule” or decided how I will blog about these things. But don’t worry – it will come to me. Probably while I’m doing something totally unrelated, just like everything else.

Happy Monday, Reader.


Are you participating in any challenges this year? A reading challenge, perhaps?!

Share in the comments!

Have a suggestion for a book I should read based on the PopSugar list or a book by an African, South American, or Australian author? Let me know! I need your help, Reader!!


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  3. Toni Reyes says:

    Goodreads let’s you search books by author, genre, location, etc. And I am also trying to complete the Popsugar challenge but for now I am just picking books and then seeing where they fit. I expect it to get more challenging as I check them off. :D Good luck!

    • Hi Toni! Yes, I’ve been using Goodreads and I’m a big fan of theirs. I have so many books on my “to read” shelf that it’s mind boggling! I’ve been trying to find ways to fit them into the PopSugar challenge, like you. I’m nearly done filling in the list, which is exciting to me!

      Have you made a choice for “a classic romance,” “a play,” or “a love triangle” yet? Those are a few of my remaining holes! Any suggestions?

      Thanks for stopping by and reading! :) Good luck on your journey through the challenge, too!

    • Toni Reyes says:

      I haven’t chosen any. For now, I’m just reading and then checking where they fit. For a “play” I will choose the shortest I can find since I really don’t like that genre. Any suggestions? And classic romances are also not my thing but I’ll have to make a choice eventually. Mmmm, a love triangle, The Husband’s Secret has one.

    • Haha! I don’t enjoy reading plays, either, so I’m not looking forward to that! I do plan to look for one that has received good “reader” reviews. If I find a good one, I’ll pass it along! I, too, have never really read a “classic romance,” and I’m not too excited about that, either. I’m thinking something by Jane Austen or perhaps… Well, I don’t really know! I’ll check on The Husband’s Secret. Thanks for the suggestion!

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