have a freaking fantastic Friday…

Happy Friday, Reader! I’ve been awaiting the arrival of this day all week and I’m so relieved that I’m finally sitting in my beloved Starbucks, writing to you.

Because I’m so excited it’s finally the freakin’ weekend, I wanted to share a little bit of ridiculousness with you. Last year, my BFF, JW, came to Korea for a few months and we had a grand ol’ time. Before he left, we went to a noraebang, which, literally translated, means “singing room.” It’s the coolest and all the rage in Korea: a private karaoke room, complete with microphones and a giant book of every song imaginable.

JW and I spent a good hour and a half in there, singing our hearts out. We sang some Madonna, Queen, OneRepublic, the Fray, and of course, our favorite, Disney. This experience was complete with absolutely horrible dancing, done mostly by me. (I should also mention we were stone-cold sober during this whole ordeal, but watching me, you wouldn’t believe it.)

We took several videos of us rocking out, all of which we thought were somehow lost. But guess what?! I FOUND ONE. And I’m sharing it here with you so you can have a freaking fantastic Friday.

So, without further ado, watch JW and I make complete fools of ourselves and go have that freaking fantastic Friday, Reader.

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