I’m a quitter and I don’t care…

So, Reader. As you know, I’ve been busy. Very busy. (I swear, this is becoming the most ridiculous excuse for not posting because it’s one of only two that I give – the other being laziness.) I was doing regular work. And taking a Korean class twice a week. And I started blogging somewhat more consistently for my city gig, Colorful Daegu.

And then I decided, after reading some things and having some short exchanges with my friend, Anna (who wrote an awesome guest post on this blog that you can read here), that I wanted to start making more time for writing on this blog. Plus, I got accepted to write again for the city blog – another year with them – and I want to really take it more seriously this time… And I want to basically run a business. This takes time, effort, and a shit-ton of research, Reader. And I didn’t have that kind of time between my day job and Korean class and being lazy and trying to exercise and remaining social… You know, so, something had to go.

So I quit Korean class just a week and a half before it was set to end.

Cutting class never felt so good and so bad all at the same time.

I felt good because I kept thinking, “My heart isn’t in it right now. I don’t want to be there. I’m not interested in doing the homework or truly studying. So, why force myself to do something I’m not enjoying anymore?”

But then I felt guilty because I thought, “I paid for this class – actual money – and there are only three left. What kind of lazy a**hole doesn’t just suck it up and go to the last three classes? Who does that?”

Let me tell you who: ME.

Now, in the time it took me to quit, did I get a whole lot done? Maybe not from your perspective, but I did from mine.

I whittled my email inbox from 53 emails down to nine. I cleaned my [atrocious] apartment. I made all kinds of notes about things I want to write about this year and next month, for you and for the English-speaking community in my city. Maybe to you, this doesn’t seem like anything to get excited about, but finally, I feel like I have all my time back to use however I want. For a while there, I was a slave to many things, none of which I was loving anymore.

Quitting that class means that I can focus on what I want to focus on. It means I’ll have more time to scrounge up stuff to tell you about and entertain you with. It means I can start learning how to run a business.

So, the moral of this story? Sometimes, it’s okay to quit. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing and you have a choice? It’s okay to throw in the towel. If you want to focus your energy on something else, it’s okay to decide to change it up.

Because you know what? You are responsible for your own happiness.

Sometimes, we have to do things we don’t want to do. Work at jobs we hate just to pay the bills. Clean the apartment because it’s starting to look like a pigsty. Do the laundry because, seriously, if you buy any more new underwear, it’s going to be the only type of clothing you have anymore.

Do you, Reader. If you have a choice, do what you want. Do it when you want. And don’t apologize to anyone for it because it’s your decision.

Now, go think about all the things you want to do differently, starting today. Good luck!



What things have you quit in life that made you happier?
Are you contemplating letting something go to replace it with something else you would rather be doing? 


Share in the comments below!

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