I didn’t forget about you…

My dearest Reader,

You might be thinking that I completely forgot about you. I realize that I haven’t written anything for about six weeks now, and for that I’m terribly sorry! It certainly wasn’t intentional, but a lot has been happening.

I’ve been serving as editor for an awesome boutique content marketing firm, Charm House.

I went to the Americas for 3 weeks. (That’s right, THREE. I had a lot of Mexican food, sushi, Chick Fil-a, and cheesecake. Though not all together (thankfully).)

I came back from the Americas and got slapped in the face by my “day job” of teaching. Report cards, special classes, and keeping up with my semi-newly-accepted position of Head Instructor has made life nothing less than chaotic.

I finished a book (for the first time in a couple of months.).

I have accomplished few (or no) goals and have failed to set any new ones since, oh I don’t know, April?

So essentially, I had a lot happen. I promise I didn’t forget about you. Nay, I have thought about you a lot. I’ve felt spectacularly guilty about not writing anything to entertain you, or at the very least, ramble on about my opinions that you may or may not agree with. (That’s the beauty of the internet, I can say what I want to!)

Here’s my promise: I’m back full-swing this week. I’ve been cooking up things I should write about and I’ve got a post for the A Little Bit Brave series hanging out, waiting to be published. I promise to hop back on the horse!

So please forgive me, gentle Reader. I didn’t forget you. I just have really pathetic excuses as to why I haven’t been writing. But I’m back, really.

Talk (super) soon,



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