here’s what the world thinks of Americans…

Several weeks ago, my KBFF sent me some videos taken on a university campus in Korea, presumably in Seoul. They’re pretty funny and frankly, spot-on in some cases.

It’s not terribly surprising what many of the campus’ international students thought of Americans. As an American, myself, I have thought often that we as a group tend to be loud, a bit obnoxious, and overweight. (Not all of us, of course, but stereotypically speaking.)

What was also funny to me was how the international students (including Americans!) described the Korean students. They, too, were spot-on! Korean students do have a certain “look” about them… I’ve learned since I have lived here that it’s almost a requirement to have a rather square-looking backpack and glasses. Girls usually have the same basic haircut, or something similar, anyway. And everyone wears those fake Adidas slippers. And I mean everyone.

While the qualities in these videos are certainly not true for everyone, they seemed to be on the right track. If nothing else, they made me laugh. I hope you’ll laugh, too.



What do you think? Did they get it right on either side?

Share your reactions in the comments!


  1. Dan Antion says:

    I’m not sure how true it is. It’s a little sad to hear “white and large” because we are more diverse than that. I wish we were known for that, but I can see why we have the stereotype we have.

    • Sadly, Dan, racism is alive and well in Korea. It’s assumed that anyone who is white is American (or sometimes Canadian). Anyone with a different skin tone, as you and I know, could come from anywhere in the world. My students have learned to assume that anyone with darker skin or that may appear to have African heritage is automatically from Africa.

      I did find it funny, but on a more serious note, I agree with you. America is diverse and that’s what makes it great. Korea, on the other hand, is not diverse at all. Non-Koreans are a very small minority here.

      Either way, I hope you were able to get a little chuckle out of the videos. :)

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