I’ve been to the winner’s circle…

Today, I met a friend of mine for what she has always called “gaming.” This term has scared me in the past because in my mind, I equated it with super-nerds gathering to play things like Dungeons and Dragons (the original board game) or others like it.

While there’s definitely some of that going on at said weekly “gaming” gathering, there is also a lot of playing not-so-intense-and-insanely-serious games, too. Caitlin and I began playing a game she had with another “gaming” friend called Splendor. The premise is to gain 15 points by collecting “gems.” This, I totally understood and enjoyed playing. Turns out I’m not the best strategist, though.

After a couple games of Splendor, we moved on to something more intense that Caitlin’s friend, Marc, brought a mammoth game that takes literally hours to play. (There were a couple of other games present that took hours, too, but we didn’t play those.)

The game: Eclipse.

Marc told us it would take a minimum of 2 hours to complete. It was way too much for me to (want to) handle on my own, so I asked if Caitlin and I could play as a “team.” (This basically meant that I had no clue what was going on most of the time, but helped make decisions here and there for our “team.”)


Start of the game. I was already feeling lost, but things got clearer as we went along.

Eclipse is a space-based game. You build spaceships, battle for galaxies (I presume), and take down aliens. There are a zillion pieces and a lot of things to juggle. Despite my not fully understanding everything, I enjoyed playing with Caitlin as our “team.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As Marc was the only seasoned player, the game took us way longer to finish than just the measly 2 hours he had initially predicted. By the end of it, we’d spent nearly 4 hours playing!

The good news: Caitlin and I won!


Our winning board.

We then all went to dinner at a Nepalese restaurant near the cafe we met in. All in all, it was a great time!

I’m wiped, though, after spending 8 hours playing games and chatting with new friends. I told Caitlin that while I most likely won’t make it to every “gaming” get-together, I’ll definitely make appearances in the future. I had fun and that’s what matters.

(By the way, Marc said he paid a whopping $150 for this game… I had no idea that was even possible – to pay such an exorbitant amount of money for a board game! But it is! Crazy, right?! Well, maybe for us non-gamers, anyway!)


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  2. Ty says:

    The guy in room next to me was playing online video game last night for hours…I could hear him talking with the others playing. I work with a Soldier who does this, obsessively. I don’t get it, but to each his (her) own. Others probably don’t “get” me when I tell them I spent all day on my bicycle or was out all day hiking.

    • I’ll never be able to sit and play on my own, but I can be a fairly attentive teammate!

      I can spend hours writing or reading on my own. That’s something some don’t understand. As you said, Ty, to each their own! :)

      Thanks for reading!

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