So, this is me, Krissi Driver.
I’m an American girl.
I love McDonald’s French fries, chocolate ice cream in waffle cones, chicken in most forms, scrambled eggs, and good coffee (more specifically, Starbucks coffee).
I love to read.
I hate sappy, romantic movies. The Notebook was the worst excuse EVER for a chick flick.
I love the sunshine.
I pretend to be an avid runner. (I DID actually run a marathon, but today, you’d never believe that.)
I can paint my own nails like a pro.
I clean best when I’m really angry.
I would rather give my left arm than eat meatloaf.
I’m not cute when I cry.
I could live on coffee and chocolate.
I enjoyed writing papers in school. Because I’m a nerd.
I have fallen in love more than once, but it was never the right time or the right person.
I wish I had a dog AND the time for that dog.
I dream of one day traveling the world or just living on the beach.
I am a loyal friend that loves unconditionally.
I hate my hair.
My eyes are blue, and I love them.
I am a self-proclaimed procrastinator and dreamer.
I don’t ever want to be comfortable with just “okay.” I want “perfect” or “extraordinary.”
I am more “myself” now than I have ever been and I love the person I have become.
I am a little bit brave.

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