the life list

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”
-C.S. Lewis


This is my “Life List of 100 Things.” I don’t like the sound of “bucket list,” mostly because I think it sounds rather grim and as if one has to try to squeeze in as much as they can as quickly as possible. Some of these things I’d like to do in my old age, I think. But most of them I hope to do while I’m still young.

Perhaps most importantly, numbers 1-30 are things I want to complete before I turn 30 – a list I have appropriately called the “Thirty Before 30.”

And so, here it is: thelifelist.


1. Spend a long weekend on vacation alone.
2. Visit Thailand and witness the annual Yi Peng lantern festival that takes place every November.
3. Pay off all non-student loan debt by 30 (credit cards).
4. Sky dive.
5. Start my own freelance writing business.
6. Make sushi at home.
8. Prepare an entire meal from scratch. And it had better be good.
9. SCUBA dive.
10. Swim with dolphins.
11. Be a redhead.
12. Wax hooha.

13. Set up a bank account/fund that is solely for funding and re-funding international small business loans through an organization like Kiva. Make at least a $25 monthly donation to a female borrower every month so she can sustain a business, be independent and/or help support her family. Work up to be able to fully fund several loans.
14. Make cheesecake from scratch.
15. Enter a contest… Don’t count on winning. It’s the experience that matters!
16. Ongoingly work toward learning at least one different language.
17. Work toward and maintain a bikini body.
18. Take a dance class.
19. Live in a large city.
20. Live alone.
21. Run a half marathon at Disney World.
22. Visit Paris.
23. Take a guided foreign vacation.
24. Run a full marathon (possible overseas options: Paris, Rome, London, Amsterdam, or Berlin).
25. Smoke pot, preferably legally. There’s no reason to break the law to finish a task.
26. Learn the “Thriller” dance.
27. Take a cooking class.
28. Learn to drive a manual car.
29. Get inked.
30. Teach overseas for a year. 
31. Sew an entire outfit and wear it. If it looks like I sewed it in the dark, well, at least I tried.
32. Plant a vegetable garden.
33. Go on a cruise.
34. Proudly and confidently wear red lipstick to an appropriate event.
35. Institute “Merlot Mondays,” as Mondays are almost always horrible and a glass (or four) of wine can only make them better.
36. Be completely debt free well before retirement and have a retirement fund that does not require government-assisted stipends. I should be able to live comfortably the way I want with no bad financial consequences.
37. Tour Italy for a good two to four weeks.
38. Watch all nine seasons of Seinfeld. As of this date (seriously, this one; whenever you’re reading this), I still have never seen a full episode of the show.
39. Own a dog and name her Mimi.
40. Take up piano lessons again.
41. See Beyonce in concert.
42. Watch Citizen Kane.
43. Spend a long weekend vacationing in Sedona, AZ with someone I love.
44. Attend an event that calls for a very large, poofy ball gown.
45. See The Nutcracker ballet live.
46. See the Taj Mahal.
47. Send a postcard from that underwater “post office” in Vanuatu to DW.
48. Pull off wearing a jumpsuit – make it wearable for work. (Not to be confused with a prison jumpsuit. Consult a fashion magazine for help.)
49. Try yoga for 30 days straight.
50. Spend the night in a real castle where someone rich or important once lived. The castle at the Magic Kingdom doesn’t count.
51. Create an entire genealogical family tree and trace back to when my ancestors came to America, and from where. Somehow give this as a gift to my grandparents, if they’re still living, or my parents.
52. Go real rock climbing on a real mountain/rock face wearing the whole rock climbing getup – if there is such a thing.
53. Pay off all student loans before age 35.
54. See Justin Timberlake in concert.
55. Spend an entire weekend “unplugged” – no phone, no internet, no TV.
56. Start a blog and stick with it for an entire 365 days.
57. Stay the night somewhere that’s supposed to be “haunted.”
58. Go back to Lithuania and tour the country for two or more weeks. Visit old castles, places affected by WWII (including the Jewish ghetto), and return to the Baltic Sea.
59. Visit St. Basil’s Cathedral.
60. Go real-life camping – in-a-tent style – so that everyone will shut up about how awesome it is. No Hampton Inns allowed.
61. Learn to shoot a gun.
62. Take tennis lessons for a season.
63. Visit all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and take a photo at a memorable location. This calls for “starting over,” as I have no meaningful photos from most of the 29 states I’ve already visited.
64. Complete a “random act of kindness” in secret once a month and write about it. Keep some kind of electronic journal specifically for these activities. Do this for a year.
65. Take a pottery class.
66. Mow a lawn with a push-mower.
67. Learn to change a flat tire. Who really needs AAA, anyway?
68. Watch every film that won the Academy Award for “Best Picture” starting with the first winner from the award ceremony in 1929.
69. Frame a dress from a meaningful event as art. (See Pinterest pin)
70. Attend mass at the Santuario de las Lajas in the Guaitara River canyon in Ipiales, Colombia.
71. Take a rowing class and compete in a local race.
72. Volunteer for a year at a children’s hospital.
73. Design an entire room around a really cool piece of antique furniture.
74. Read Goodread’s “Top 100 Literary Novels of All Time.”
75. Go skinny dipping in a major ocean.
76. Cage dive with great white sharks.
77. See “Wicked,” preferably on Broadway.
78. Take a photo every day for a year. Make a scrapbook/album.
79. Share a kiss at the top of a Ferris wheel.
80. Write a children’s book about a little girl who goes on adventures.
81. Milk a cow the old-fashioned way: by hand.
82. Undergo corrective eye surgery and kick the need for contacts.
83. Attend an auction at a locally-owned auction house and bid on an item I want to take home. Have a budget in mind when you go, and stick to it!
84. Visit the Smithsonian Museum. All of it.
85. Watch every movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
86. Begin a Christmas tradition that I can do alone and then share later with the one I love.
87. Compile a book of poetry. It can be anything I’ve written.
88. Create a scrapbook that chronicles an exciting period in my life.
89. Run through Central Park in NYC – all 6.1 miles in one run.
90. Make 5 thoughtful, doable resolutions at every year’s end to work for.
91. Visit London.
92. Build or complete some major DIY project – something furniture-related.
93. Cliff dive in Hawaii.
94. Learn to surf.
95. White water raft down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.
96. Take a photography class for beginners. As a result, take some kick-ass family pictures.
97. Take part in NaNoWriMo and finish all 50,000 words in thirty days.
98. Spend an entire year traveling. Don’t plan much in advance. Just go.
99. Do a boudoir photo shoot. It doesn’t have to be for anyone but me.
100. Visit every international Disney park. (Already been to Disneyland in Tokyo – one down, only Paris, Hong Kong, and Shanghai to go!)


  1. Micayla says:

    Hello Krissi, just wanted to say this list is awesome! I am currently compiling my own “Life List”, and yours is getting me inspired to be a little more ambitious with my own ;b… Just started perusing your blog and lovin it a lot. Not the same old stories that circulate the interweb these days, very uniquely you :), thanks for putting it out there!

    • Hi Micky!

      Sorry I missed your comment several weeks ago. I hope your list is coming along well! I’ve made some changes to mine; it’s ever evolving.

      I’d love to read yours once you’re finished with it!

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    • shops4shoes says:

      Merlot Monday has made appearances, but it’s not a regular occurrence yet! I blame this on the fact that it would be pathetic for me to finish a bottle of wine at home alone… :)

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