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because it’s not a real weekend until you’ve paraded around naked with the locals…


If you’ve been following me, you probably have noticed that I’ve been absent for nearly two weeks. I have a really good explanation for that: I’m terribly lazy.

So, let’s catch up.

Last weekend, my new, dear friend, Kaylee D., came to town to go shopping and have an adventure. Kaylee’s my new South African BFF in SK. Why?? We’re both coffee freaks, we get along stupendously, and our initials are the same. (I discovered this last weekend and immediately was overcome with glee. I perhaps should mention that, on occasion, I am easily entertained.)

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North vs. South… What we’re really doing in the ROK

SK vs. NK... What we're really doing in the ROK

Photo courtesy of “Mike Stewart” on FaceBook.


I’ve had a number of concerned friends and citizens ask me, “So, what is everyone doing over there with all this ‘hubbub’ from North Korea?” Or, my other favorite: people I NEVER HEAR FROM are coming out of the woodwork to remind me to “be careful,” as if the next time I turn a street corner while wearing my headphones and listening to my “jams” (which ALL South Koreans do, by the way), some North Korean psychopath is going to jump out and slap me across the face with a “nuclear” weapon.

Now, I don’t say “nuclear” lightly. I’ve read the news, too. I know that the North Koreans have some weaponry up there that could cause some serious damage. I also know, thanks to the news, that there’s no way that what they have is advanced enough to reach American shores. Now, is it advanced enough to reach Seoul or my beloved Daegu? You betcha.

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school daze…

school DAZE

Kim Jong-un hard at work. Photo is compliments of my good friend, JW, complete with the following caption: “OH MY GAW… IF [KRISSI TEACHER] GIVES ME ANY MORE HOMEWORK I AM GOING TO FLIP OUT!!!!”

So, let’s talk about the reality of my job for a minute.

In short, I LOVE IT! And I’m not one of those people who will lie to you and say, “Oh yes, I love my job because I love the children!” That’s a lie, folks. They’re LYING to you. I WILL say that there are some of them that I’ve grown to ADORE on a completely professional teacher to adorable-Asian-child level. There are some of them that will lean on me while I grade their tests or little girls that will play with my hair… These are the ones that I want to kidnap, take to my apartment, and force them to cuddle with me while eating assorted chocolate treats and watching a vast array of Disney movies… Both of us would LOVE it. And then there are some that make me want to advocate for bringing spanking back into schools…

But back to the point. I love my job because while I don’t want to kidnap every kid that steps foot in my classroom (and I’m not even sure that I want children of my own, for that matter), I believe and understand that these kids are the future of our world. And I’m sorry to say, but most of them seem smarter than American kids… These are the kids that will save the planet from a massive zombie outbreak or a meteor flying to planet Earth. I am ALL ABOUT being a white girl on the Asian English train right now.

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Holy Holi! (133 photos)


I’d like to share my Snapfish photos with you.

(You’ll have to register with Snapfish if you’re not a member, but it’s free, and you don’t have to use it ever again!)

Click here to view photos

Holy Holi!

This past weekend, my friend Kaylee and I traveled by train to Busan. Busan is South Korea’s second largest city, following Seoul. What’s really cool about Busan is that it’s a coastal city. If you’ve ever been to San Francisco in the States, the terrain and all-over “feel” of the city is the same. And so, having visited San Fran in high school and having fallen in love with it immediately upon arrival, as I expected, I fell equally in love with Busan. Suffice it to say that if I wasn’t in Daegu, which I also love, I’d want to be in Busan.

Fortunately for us, Kaylee and I met our Korean friend, Hailey, in training when we first arrived in Korea. Hailey was raised and still lives in Busan. She’s the sweetest person EVER, and picked us up from the train station, helped us around the subway through the city, and took us to our hostel. We then spent the day with her: lunch, bus adventure, Haedong Yonggung Temple, and Starbucks.

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