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I’m a quitter and I don’t care…

So, Reader. As you know, I’ve been busy. Very busy. (I swear, this is becoming the most ridiculous excuse for not posting because it’s one of only two that I give – the other being laziness.) I was doing regular work. And taking a Korean class twice a week. And I started blogging somewhat more consistently for my city gig, Colorful Daegu.

And then I decided, after reading some things and having some short exchanges with my friend, Anna (who wrote an awesome guest post on this blog that you can read here), that I wanted to start making more time for writing on this blog. Plus, I got accepted to write again for the city blog – another year with them – and I want to really take it more seriously this time… And I want to basically run a business. This takes time, effort, and a shit-ton of research, Reader. And I didn’t have that kind of time between my day job and Korean class and being lazy and trying to exercise and remaining social… You know, so, something had to go.

So I quit Korean class just a week and a half before it was set to end.

Cutting class never felt so good and so bad all at the same time.

I felt good because I kept thinking, “My heart isn’t in it right now. I don’t want to be there. I’m not interested in doing the homework or truly studying. So, why force myself to do something I’m not enjoying anymore?”

But then I felt guilty because I thought, “I paid for this class – actual money – and there are only three left. What kind of lazy a**hole doesn’t just suck it up and go to the last three classes? Who does that?”

Let me tell you who: ME.

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dude, it’s finally happening…

Reader. Oh my god.

Oh my GODIE. Oh. My. GOD.

Hell hath frozen over. It’s happening. My Korean dream of all dreams is coming true:

They’re building a Starbucks in my neighborhood.

Blog Pics 1.30.15 005


This is the one thing that I have thought would make my life in Korea complete. If there was just a Starbucks in my neighborhood, I thought, I would truly be happy. All would be as it should be. The universe will have given me my one, last Korean wish.

And the best part about it all? IT’S IN THE BUILDING DIRECTLY NEXT TO MY SCHOOL. It’s like they’re begging me to spend every dime of my paycheck in there. I mean, seriously, it’s true. The place isn’t even more than a gutted building right now, but never you mind that. The Starbucks gods reminded me just this morning that I have two coupons for free drinks and one for a breakfast sandwich. (Of course, they reminded me of this after I had already paid for my chai and egg-and-bagel sandwich, but, you know, whatever. I have them for later at my real neighborhood Starbucks.)

Blog Pics 1.30.15 006

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i’m legit in this city…

It’s been more than two weeks since my last post, and as usual, I’m really, really sorry about my absence. I know you’re dying to know what I’ve been up to…

And so, Reader, it occurred to me earlier this week that A) I haven’t written anything in a few weeks; B) I’ve failed to write about a ton of cool stuff that happened last year; and C) I got another sweet gig that I have yet to tell you about. (This is all assuming, of course, that you care about all these menial things in my life… As if you don’t have plenty of things of your own to worry about besides my [semi-exciting] experiences over here in the ROK.)

To make up for this absence and the void of last year I have yet to share with you, I’ve decided to write several posts that may seem like a bit of whiplash. But just bear with me, okay? Today, we’re staying current.

Let me tell you about this really cool I’ve got going these days.

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i just wanted a chimichanga…

Sometimes living in Korea is really frustrating.

I’ll give you a recent example. My BFF, JW, and I decided to go out and grab some dinner on Sunday night. I’ll admit, it was getting a bit late… But it wasn’t, like, say, midnight or anything. We left our apartments around 8:45 and started our journey downtown. (Because other than McDonald’s, there’s nothing “good” in our neighborhood. And McD’s doesn’t even get my full vote on “good.”) We decided we would eat at a place called “Dos Tacos” in downtown Daegu.

We really like Dos Tacos. It’s as close to Americanized Mexican food as you’ll find in this city. I was really craving a chimichanga with some overpriced sliced avocado.

So, Dos Tacos it was. (I was feeling sick that day, but was VERY excited about Dos Tacos.)

And then we arrived at the door, and one of the guys who worked there was standing outside smoking… And talking on the phone, and the door was open. And he wouldn’t let us in. He gave us what we like to refer to as “the X arms,” which is when Koreans make an “x” with their arms to over-communicate with foreigners that whatever you’re asking or hoping for is just a big, fat, NO.

And let me just tell you something about this: we were pissed. And here’s why:

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