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because it’s not a real weekend until you’ve paraded around naked with the locals…


If you’ve been following me, you probably have noticed that I’ve been absent for nearly two weeks. I have a really good explanation for that: I’m terribly lazy.

So, let’s catch up.

Last weekend, my new, dear friend, Kaylee D., came to town to go shopping and have an adventure. Kaylee’s my new South African BFF in SK. Why?? We’re both coffee freaks, we get along stupendously, and our initials are the same. (I discovered this last weekend and immediately was overcome with glee. I perhaps should mention that, on occasion, I am easily entertained.)

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DUDE. I live in Korea.

Well, I’m finally doing it. Coffee in hand, I’m ignoring the fact that my apartment looks like a homeless person camped out here and finally sitting down to start writing. And yes, there’s plenty I should have written about before. So, to simplify and get a quick start, I’m going to keep this short. (Short for me, anyway. Maybe not for you…)

Let’s start with a list of what I consider to be my top ten accomplishments thus far:

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