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shame on you, Springfield… my gay flame is ignited…

I read in the news today that the home of my alma mater, Springfield, Missouri, repealed the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) bill, an act protecting rights of the LGBT community. Along with several others in the community, I am thoroughly disappointed with this decision by the people of Springfield. Though the tally at the end of the day was close – 51.43% for to 48.57% against (less than 1,000 votes separate these percentages, Reader) – it’s sad that a community of people who call themselves “Christians” have just sent one of the strongest messages of “hate” to a community of people they claim to want to “love.”

I get a little heated about these sorts of topics, so hold on to your seat, Reader. I’m a little pissed and you’re going to know it. This isn’t the first time I’ve written something about how absurd some people can be when it comes to LGBT rights and basic life excitement, but it’s been about a year so it’s time to reignite the gay flame.

Let’s get into the gritty part of what this ordinance repeal was all about. (You can probably already guess…) Back in October, the city council added to their current anti-discrimination laws: the original ordinance protected LGBT people when it came to housing, work, or public facilities. Based on the repeal (because you’re smart, so you get this), now gay and transgender people can legally be turned down for housing, restricted from public facilities like bathrooms, or even be fired from their job simply because they don’t fit the “mold” the greater Springfield public wants them to fit.

So, how did this happen in this day and age?  you might be wondering. I’m so glad you asked. Springfield is home to the headquarters of the Assemblies of God – a rather conservative, Pentecostal, evangelical Christian denomination. I was raised A/G and now avoid them like the plague for many reasons… We won’t get into that story here because it doesn’t matter. But what does matter is that the city of Springfield is infiltrated with Christian people. Now, I know just as much as anyone that not all Christian people are bad or hateful. Hell, I used to be one and I promise, I had the best intentions (though they were totally wrong). But, unfortunately, many of them are so closed-minded and fighting against issues (like this particular ordinance) that is a complete slap in the face of fellow humans.

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dear Kirk Cameron, you disgust me…

I saw an article online from the Huffington Post earlier last week that I was intrigued by. It was entitled, “Kirk Cameron Ministers to Gay People in ‘Deeper Understanding’ Montage Video.” The short article discusses a video put together by two dudes who call themselves “Deeper Understanding,” and who often string together clips to make funny videos. So granted, the video that was embedded in the article isn’t an original made by Cameron and his “people,” but it was… eye opening. (You can watch the video from the link above.)

I’ve not been Kirk Cameron’s biggest fan for a while… I mean, even when I was still walking the “straight and narrow” and considered myself a full-blown “believer” (in Christian lingo), I wasn’t his biggest fan. Sure, I watched reruns of “Growing Pains” on the Disney Channel when I was a kid and loved them and had no beef with the Kirk on the show. But as I got older and heard things, I really decided I didn’t like him that much.

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everybody else is doing it… so, can we just stop for a minute and talk about Taylor Swift?…

She’s everybody’s favorite, current “it-girl.” She’s the one adults the world over loved to hate. For a long time, she had that cutesy, curly haired, sweet look.

And now… Now, she’s the young woman celebrities and civilians alike hate to love.

I’m sorry that I’m not sorry, but I have completely fallen in love with T. Swift.

I hear “Welcome to New York” and “Style” ringing in my head as I walk to the bus. When I’m checking homework in class. As I’m moving things around my apartment in a playful attempt to clean and organize. T. Swift has totally overtaken my brain and 1989 has become the soundtrack of my life this week.

I’m totally obsessed. I freaking love her.

Let’s first talk about how genuinely kind she appears to be.

Leading up to the release of her most recent album, 1989, she hosted “listening parties” in her home for some of her “biggest fans.” She let them listen to the entire album ahead of the rest of us and baked them cookies and stuff. Cookies. T. Swift baked cookies.

She leaves comments on her fan’s blogs, Twitter pages, and Instagram accounts. She sends handwritten notes. She stops and takes impromptu photos with fans while she’s running in the park. That’s pretty sweet of her.

And then I read today that she sent a personalized care package to a fan whose blog she follows… The fan wrote she was experiencing a rough time, and T. Swift’s “people” (because they all have “people,” you know) got in touch with the fan, asking for an address. Ms. Swift then sent her a few gifts for her new home, along with a handwritten note. Most of us are lucky to get any kind of handwritten note… And Taylor Swift is writing them for people she doesn’t even know. (And sending them adorable, thoughtful gifts.)

(Apparently? She also bought one of those adorable mini BMW cars for a fan’s two-year-old son. How adorable is that?!)

Now let’s talk about how she’s found her voice amongst all the crap that the media has enjoyed throwing at her.

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i’d like to think i started at least a little controversy…

I recently signed up to receive emails and blogging tips from BlogHer, the place where the thing we call NaBloPoMo originated. They’ve got a prompt for every weekday of the month, most of which I’ve glanced at, but not taken too much time to actually sit and write about.

The prompt for yesterday (which I’m just seeing today) is as follows:

“What is the most controversial thing you’ve ever written on your blog? What compelled you to write it?”

I think I can honestly say that there are two big things this year, on this blog, that I wrote about that would probably ruffle some feathers… And you can read about them. Last week, I blogged about my newfound appreciation for sex outside of relationships (or what the kids are calling “casual sex”). Several months ago, I blogged about an email exchange I had with a woman about homosexuality; and I came out (pun intended) in support of gay parents, gay marriage, and all things merrily gay.

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hear ye, hear ye: i support gay parents… (any pretty much all other things “gay”)

Hey there, Reader. Things are about to get rather opinionated on this one; so if you’re not into that kind of thing, you might just want to move along to the next post on your list of “to reads.” Also, this is going to be a long one, so get your coffee ready.

I decided to make a post because recently, something has really been bothering me. It’s actually been clanging around in my head for months now, and as a result I’ve been working on this post for weeks… Trying to get it right. Trying to say things without being a complete bitch about it… You know, trying to be nice. But the truth is, I don’t know how nice I really need to be. I will probably be severely judged for writing this. And I just don’t care anymore.

Let me explain what I’m talking about.

Several months ago, I stumbled onto a blog called “Mommy Man,” a WordPress blog written by a dad of two littles – a twin boy and girl (they’re adorable) – about his family and raising kids as a gay super-parent (along with his partner, Drew!). After following on their journey for just a short time, I have fallen in love with this little family. Jerry Mahoney, the author, is witty, honest, and brave. I absolutely love reading his posts and learning about his family.

I tell you this because several weeks ago, I read one of Jerry’s posts entitled “Just a Couple of Gay Dads at Disney World,” (you should read it!) where “Mommy Man” writes about his family’s recent visit to Disney. Needless to say, it was a great experience for the kids and for the dads. When I read this post, it just made me incredibly happy. I was glad to hear that this family, “nontraditional” as some might call them, had a great time at the most wonderful place on Earth. Because like it or not, everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY should have a freaking fantastic time at Disney World. It shouldn’t matter what a family looks like. What should matter is that they’re people and they deserve to be treated like any other family. Bravo, Disney, for treating people like people, making kids feel special, and providing a family with a memorable vacation together. Mahoney’s kids aren’t going to forget this trip anytime soon.

I love all of this.

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