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Christmas is over… so it’s time for a new list!…

Merry belated Christmas, Reader!

Remember when I said I was going to stay active and write at least once a week after being so damn good about writing almost every day during NaBloPoMo?

Yeah. Me too.

And then remember how I didn’t do that?

Yeah… Me too.

Typical me. But in my defense, I have been crazy, CRAY-ZEEEE busy. Teaching has been busy, planning for extra classes next month has kept me busy, and catching up on “Homeland” and “The Americans” has been a major life priority. (And I’ve still got three episodes to go on “The Americans,” so don’t ruin it for me.)

I also finished a couple of books since we last talked, albeit short ones…

Also, I’ve been avoiding you because I haven’t “felt” like writing – A.K.A. I haven’t wanted to take the time to sit and think about things. (Which is stupid, because when I sit down, things just sort of start to fill up the page like word vomit. I have no excuses…)

And maybe, most importantly of all, I have been thinking about my intentions for next year… I started writing about them several weeks ago, but now that we’re a mere three days away from a new year, it’s time to crack down and get serious about that business.

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“fate” is just a four-letter word…

Why are Americans so loud?… There are times when Koreans [and I] like peace and quiet. Sure, Koreans can be incredibly loud at times (usually when soju is involved), but generally, people respect the peace. And I, being the boring person that I am, appreciate this fact.

But Americans? My fellow Americans? We don’t seem to get that as a “people group” like the Koreans.

Several weeks ago, I was at my semi-local Starbucks minding my own business, trying to read up on some articles. It was quiet and there weren’t many other people there. And then, suddenly, the sweet silence was broken.

I knew he was from the US because he made mention of it, so I wasn’t just assuming… And then he announced to the whole of Sbux, “I don’t believe in fate.”

And then I thought, “Well I sure as hell do. Fate brought us together today. I can’t control that you’re here, hogging the quiet air space.”

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once a runner, always a runner…

I ran a 10K today, Reader.

I was thinking about how I was going to tell you about this whilst walking up to the starting line. I was going to tell you that I “did” a 10K today, not so much “ran” a 10K. I knew for weeks that I was going to complete it, but I didn’t train well. I didn’t run enough leading up to it. There was always an excuse: Things happening in the morning. Staying up too late and wanting to sleep in most mornings. You know, the usual stuff.

So I ran a handful of times over the last three weeks. It was rough getting back into it… I ran a marathon (yes, a whole freaking marathon) in 2012 and trained with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training in Portland, Oregon. (Shameless plug: if you’re interested in getting into shape or getting into running long distance and need a good support group, check out TNT in your community. You will train with knowledgeable people, make some great local friendships, and it’s all for a good cause. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.) I trained for five months to get ready for it and I was in the best shape of my life.

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the listing of 2015 “intentions” has officially begun…

I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals “intentions” for next year and I think I’ve devised a fool-proof plan on how to tackle a number of worthwhile things by splitting them into individual projects to complete over the course of one month.

This, in turn, means I need to choose twelve “projects.” I thought this would be super easy, but it turns out I’m having a hard time nailing down what to do with my calendar year…

So. That’s where you come in, Reader. I need your help! 

Below is a list of the five (that’s right, only five… not even half) of the things I want to accomplish next year, month by month. I need help filling in the holes. Got an idea? Leave a comment. Please! I need all the help I can get, apparently.

Two of the ideas came from my Life List and the other three were gleaned from my mostly fruitless internet searches for “monthly goals” or something similar… So, please read and respond, Reader. Read and respond!!!

January: Complete a full month of the “Insanity” workout program.

February: Read a book a week over the perfect four-week month.

March: Help me, Reader!

April: Run 100 miles.

May: Help me, Reader!

June: Help me, Reader!

July: Help me, Reader!

August: Start the family tree project from the Life List for a Christmas gift for the grandparents. (#6 on the Life List)

September: Help me, Reader!

October: Help me, Reader!

November: Participate in NaNoWriMo. (#97 on the Life List)

December: Help me, Reader!


Okay, Reader. That’s all I’ve got, sadly… So, any suggestions are appreciated!




i had great expectations…

And now… It’s time for…

The Semi-Annual Review of My Annual Resolutions!!!

If you’ve been reading along, you’ll remember that I made a very public post of my goals for this year. (If you haven’t been reading along, or maybe just joined the fun, or you don’t care forgot, you can read my original post from December here.)

Now, I’m not one to beat myself up for not accomplishing things, but let’s be real: so far, I haven’t accomplished much on my list… I’m also a firm believer in making changes when necessary. So, because I feel like my procrastination has lessened the effectiveness and/or fun of some of my goals, I’m changing some of them up. I’m also going to do the unthinkable and add a few. (Seriously, what am I thinking?!)

So, let’s start with thelifelist:

First) #26: Learn the “Thriller” dance.  

This seems even more important, seeing as MJ’s people just released a new studio album, XSCAPE. It’s pretty awesome; you should give it a listen. I also wrote about seeing the MJ Cirque du Soleil show, “Immortal,” here.

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