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the life of a Korean student…

Every month at school, we do what we call “Writing Event,” where the two native English-speaking teachers choose some random-ish topic for all the classes to write about. In months past, my students have written about their dream jobs; if they could build a house out of candy; what they would do if they could go to space; and what their super power would be if they were a super hero.

Of course, every year at Christmas, everyone writes to Santa whether they’re a believer or not. (Most of them aren’t, but I demand that they pretend to be for the 40 minutes I have them in class.)

The other native teacher and I read through our respective students’ responses and choose the best from the bunch; then together, choose the top 3 for every level. Some submissions are hilarious. Once, a kid wrote that he was thankful for his family because they take him to buffets. (That kid won that month. Because that’s stinkin’ funny.)

Most are less creative than I would hope… Korean kids don’t seem to have the same kind of creativity that Western kids have. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s due to this: they’re not really allowed to be kids.

I’ll come back to that thought in a moment. For now, let me tell you about the most recent “Writing Event.”

In October, we decided to keep with the Halloween theme and ask students to write about their “biggest fear.” Not surprisingly, we got many “ghosts,” “the dark,” and various animal-related fear responses. Some said they feared my KBFF, which I reinforce because someone at school has to be scary. And then, in what seemed to be funny, some of them said they feared their parents.

We laughed in class with the students who offered these suggestions. Some of them were very lively and silly when explaining why they feared their parent(s). One of my more odd and good-for-a-laugh students was quite animated explaining how his mom is “scary.”

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if i had babies… here’s my advice…

The last couple of days’ writings have been pretty heavy, so I thought I would take it down a notch. (Also, I was having a hard time determining what to write about tonight…)

So, I thought I would write a letter to my future imaginary children on this windy Wednesday night. I don’t anticipate ever being a real mommy… I’m not saying I wouldn’t be good at it, because I think I would be an awesome mommy. But I don’t really think I want to be a mommy. So, since they’ll never actually be here for me to impart my wisdom, I’m going to make a little list of the things I would want to tell my future snot-nosed kids.

Dear never-to-be-born babies of mine:

1. Sharing sucks and we’re all totally lying to you about it. 

Sure, other mommies and daddies will tell their kids that “sharing is fun” and that sharing is the best thing in the world. But that’s only true when you’re the one without the good stuff and you’re the “share-ee” and not the “share-er.” Sharing totally sucks. I mean, yeah, sometimes it can be fun when you’re sharing a new toy with a friend. But sharing good food? Please. No one wants to willingly share their cake.

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my “momma” is leaving me…

Yesterday, I said goodbye to one of my closest friends. Over the last year and a half, Kacie became an unlikely friend. As a member of the military, it was unlikely that our paths would ever cross. But lucky for me, she posted on a community Facebook group looking for a babysitter and I replied. It was a match made in Korea.

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hear ye, hear ye: i support gay parents… (any pretty much all other things “gay”)

Hey there, Reader. Things are about to get rather opinionated on this one; so if you’re not into that kind of thing, you might just want to move along to the next post on your list of “to reads.” Also, this is going to be a long one, so get your coffee ready.

I decided to make a post because recently, something has really been bothering me. It’s actually been clanging around in my head for months now, and as a result I’ve been working on this post for weeks… Trying to get it right. Trying to say things without being a complete bitch about it… You know, trying to be nice. But the truth is, I don’t know how nice I really need to be. I will probably be severely judged for writing this. And I just don’t care anymore.

Let me explain what I’m talking about.

Several months ago, I stumbled onto a blog called “Mommy Man,” a WordPress blog written by a dad of two littles – a twin boy and girl (they’re adorable) – about his family and raising kids as a gay super-parent (along with his partner, Drew!). After following on their journey for just a short time, I have fallen in love with this little family. Jerry Mahoney, the author, is witty, honest, and brave. I absolutely love reading his posts and learning about his family.

I tell you this because several weeks ago, I read one of Jerry’s posts entitled “Just a Couple of Gay Dads at Disney World,” (you should read it!) where “Mommy Man” writes about his family’s recent visit to Disney. Needless to say, it was a great experience for the kids and for the dads. When I read this post, it just made me incredibly happy. I was glad to hear that this family, “nontraditional” as some might call them, had a great time at the most wonderful place on Earth. Because like it or not, everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY should have a freaking fantastic time at Disney World. It shouldn’t matter what a family looks like. What should matter is that they’re people and they deserve to be treated like any other family. Bravo, Disney, for treating people like people, making kids feel special, and providing a family with a memorable vacation together. Mahoney’s kids aren’t going to forget this trip anytime soon.

I love all of this.

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because it’s not a real weekend until you’ve paraded around naked with the locals…


If you’ve been following me, you probably have noticed that I’ve been absent for nearly two weeks. I have a really good explanation for that: I’m terribly lazy.

So, let’s catch up.

Last weekend, my new, dear friend, Kaylee D., came to town to go shopping and have an adventure. Kaylee’s my new South African BFF in SK. Why?? We’re both coffee freaks, we get along stupendously, and our initials are the same. (I discovered this last weekend and immediately was overcome with glee. I perhaps should mention that, on occasion, I am easily entertained.)

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