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dear Kirk Cameron, you disgust me…

I saw an article online from the Huffington Post earlier last week that I was intrigued by. It was entitled, “Kirk Cameron Ministers to Gay People in ‘Deeper Understanding’ Montage Video.” The short article discusses a video put together by two dudes who call themselves “Deeper Understanding,” and who often string together clips to make funny videos. So granted, the video that was embedded in the article isn’t an original made by Cameron and his “people,” but it was… eye opening. (You can watch the video from the link above.)

I’ve not been Kirk Cameron’s biggest fan for a while… I mean, even when I was still walking the “straight and narrow” and considered myself a full-blown “believer” (in Christian lingo), I wasn’t his biggest fan. Sure, I watched reruns of “Growing Pains” on the Disney Channel when I was a kid and loved them and had no beef with the Kirk on the show. But as I got older and heard things, I really decided I didn’t like him that much.

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