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solo trips: the importance of being a hermit…



I’m crazy busy these days between my teaching contract ending; my part-time editing and content management gig with Anna Wickham, my amazing boss and friend; and I’ve been working on a startup project with a business partner I made in Bali in November. I don’t have time to mess around these days…

It was clear to me at the end of last year that I needed to do something to get myself on track and well-organized for the year ahead. I knew I’d be working a lot and wouldn’t make enough time to push myself to have some legit “me” time.

But I knew it was going to be important for me to exercise some of my hermit tendencies more than ever. So I decided to do my best to find ways to get my shit together and make it happen.

Making It Happen

I’ve gotten better at being by myself over the years. The first time I remember taking a “solo trip” – going somewhere “fun” all alone – was when I was 21. I had a season pass to a local theme park in Branson, Missouri called Silver Dollar City and that day, I was sad.

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I stopped caring… a lesson in satisfaction…

There’s so much shit going on these days. There’s so much I feel like I should be doing: work stuff, exercise stuff, personal project stuff, reading stuff. There’s. Just. So. Much.

I’m a very goal-oriented person (or tend to see myself that way, anyway), yet I generally “set” goals somewhere and fail to meet them. There’s a lot to be said about that whole “put it where you can see it” crap because if I don’t see it, I either forget or decide I don’t care in that moment. (That’s partially true – I don’t care – but it’s only true for a short period of time and then I kick myself for being lazy.)

Things I’ve Left Undone

Take, for instance, how I said (many times over) I was going to keep up with this little blog. Look how that turned out. Not too great, but things could be worse, right?

Take how I said I was going to exercise every day for 100 days. Has that happened? No. Turns out it’s way hard (which I knew) and I’m ridiculously busy (which I also knew) and I’m lazy (which I definitely knew). After everything is said and done, I don’t feel like going for a run or killing myself in my apartment to do a single round of Insanity or just turning off the lights and dancing like the awkward white girl I am.

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What Are You Doing with Your “Korean” Life?

I wrote this post with the intention of having it published by the Daegu city blog, but after careful consideration, I decided to publish it on my own. 

If you don’t live in Korea, that’s okay. Instead of reading it like you’re in Korea, insert your own life circumstance. It could be your physical geographical location, your job, or whatever you want it to be. But no matter “where” you “are” in your life right now, take a good look at your surroundings and consider what you’re doing with your opportunities. If you’re not happy, where can you make a change?

As we exit the first month of our new year, to me, it always seems as though people (myself included) lose sight of the goals and aspirations we had when we broke into our new calendars. This year, reignite that flame you had. Chase after those dreams you dreamt. Pursue the things that matter most to you.

Make this your year, Reader.


If you’re like me, you love living in Korea. The day I arrived in Seoul, I was scared out of my wits, but I knew I had made the right decision – literally the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.

I decided to come to Korea to teach because I was tired of being in dead-end jobs that I loathed. I have an undergraduate degree in psychology and like so many others of our generation, I realized too late that I didn’t want to work and retire in my chosen industry. So, what did I do instead?

I worked in sales. And I was really good at it. But I effing hated it.

There is nothing in life quite like doing a job you hate. I was always stressed, always sick to my stomach, and I watched as the companies I worked for turned me into someone I wasn’t. I was tired of standing on the sidelines of my life and whispering to myself that there had to be “more out there.” I decided to do something about it.

I came to Korea to teach for a year. And lo and behold, a year has turned into nearly 3.

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hashtag project april…

Reader. It’s Friday. FREAKING FRIDAY. I live for Fridays because that means I can stay up late cleaning, “watching” Friends, reading a book or random Buzzfeed crap, or a plethora of other things.

Because I’m a little bit boring and I like it that way, thankyouverymuch.

But anyway, as mentioned in my last post, I am truly sorry for abandoning my post here on A Little Bit Brave. I have some stories, yes, but before we get into those this month, let’s recap my goals for March and how I did.

March Goals:

1. Eat “Paleo” for the entire month. (March Intention)

2. Run 30 miles.

3. Pay off the remaining $1000 on a credit card that I’ve been carrying a balance on since 2010.

4. Read 5 books this month from the PopSugar challenge.

5. Watch the new “House of Cards” season. 

Basically, the only goal I met last month was probably the most important one, paying off that credit card. Everything else pretty much went to shit. I admit that a little [okay, a lot of] laziness went into it, but I swear I as doing well for the first week or so. And then it went all downhill. But now that it’s a new month, it’s time to get back up, wipe off the dust, and start anew.

Here’s what I want to do this month… Now that we’re three days in, I’ve had some time to really consider what I’m going to do.

April Goals:

1. Read four books, not including this month’s book club choice.

I didn’t read ANYTHING last month, and that’s just pathetic. This weekend, I’m going to be cramming the latest book club book because our next meeting is on Sunday. As in, like, two days from now. And I have no time to do it on Sunday, so tonight and tomorrow it is!

2. Complete 22 days of the “Insanity” workout.

It’s already the 3rd and I’m running another 10K this Sunday, the 5th, so starting Monday the 6th, it’s on. It’s only fair that I allow myself a few days throughout the month to rest (not to mention, the program calls for it). This is going to be legit hard, Reader, because I’m a total slacker, I hate being dirty/sweaty, and um, have you TRIED “Insanity”? There’s a reason why they call it “Insanity.” Because it’s crazy-difficult and it just effing SUCKS.

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out with February… in with March…

Happy Sunday, and happy March, Reader! It’s time to look back on last month and see what I did(n’t) get around to… I would like to start off by saying that I think I did better in February than I did in January… But of course, I’m biased, as it’s my opinion about myself…

So let’s be quick and get down to business.

1. Read a book a week over the perfect four-week month.

I did this! I started reading a couple of books listed on my PopSugar List and according to the Goodreads Challenge thingy, I’m right on schedule for reading 50 books by the end of the year.

2. Go to that damn book club meeting that I missed last month.

I went and I had a great time! You can read about it here.

3. Run 30 miles. Seriously this time. Pay the neighborhood gym fee that makes me want to slit my wrists it’s so high if it comes to that. Get up off your fat ass, Kristine Teacher.

Grand mileage total last month: 8.64 miles. I even paid for that little gym… I haven’t been motivated at all and without something to work toward, I just let my laziness persist.

4. Do SOMETHING, possibly GO SOMEWHERE, for “Seollal,” the Lunar New Year. I have a five day break from school and there’s just no excuse not to use this time to see something new.

I went overnight to Gyeongju, a famous historical town here in Korea. Gyeongju was the capital city during the Silla dynasty and is rich with history. KBFF and I went with our other Korean friend. A fun time was had by all. (Except for when KBFF was practically force-feeding me Korean food. I ate a tiny crab. See photo above…)

Well, there you have it. I didn’t do great on the running front, but everything else went pretty well. So now, let’s talk about what the “intentions” are for March. Because that’s what you really want to know, isn’t it?

1. Eat “Paleo” for the entire month. (March Intention)

Okay, so I totally blew this today because I forgot that this was my goal for the month. So, with that being said, starting tomorrow, Paleo is the name of the game. And I expect it to suck. A lot. But I’ll get over it.  

2. (Yes, I’m doing it again…) Run 30 miles.

I signed up this weekend for a 10K the first weekend in April and I’ve got to get ready for it. This time, I feel like I’ll be likely to actually try and achieve this one.

3. Pay off the remaining $1000 on a credit card that I’ve been carrying a balance on since 2010.

This is a big deal, Reader. I’m finally getting smart and paying off the credit cards I came here to pay off… As much as it pains me to have less of a disposable income, obviously being debt free is more important. This is definitely going to happen in a few days.

4. Read 5 books this month from the PopSugar challenge.

Self-explanatory. I’ll also have an “assigned” book for the book club, which won’t count in this total So if we’re going to get really technical, I should probably aim for 6 books… That’s a lot.

5. Watch the new “House of Cards” season. 

Need I say more? The new HOC season came out over the weekend and I need to see it. Because, duh. Not to ruin it if you’re not up to speed, but Frank Underwood pulled some crazy sh*t in season 2 and things are sure to be even crazier in season 3.

And there you have it, Reader. Last month’s achievements/fails and this month’s intentions. It’s going to be a good month.


What are your goals for the month? How did you do last month on your goals? Share in the comments!

*This post was linked to The Nectar Collective – a community built by a blogger, Melyssa – to further her graphic design business and connect other bloggers. Check her out!

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