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I stopped caring… a lesson in satisfaction…

There’s so much shit going on these days. There’s so much I feel like I should be doing: work stuff, exercise stuff, personal project stuff, reading stuff. There’s. Just. So. Much.

I’m a very goal-oriented person (or tend to see myself that way, anyway), yet I generally “set” goals somewhere and fail to meet them. There’s a lot to be said about that whole “put it where you can see it” crap because if I don’t see it, I either forget or decide I don’t care in that moment. (That’s partially true – I don’t care – but it’s only true for a short period of time and then I kick myself for being lazy.)

Things I’ve Left Undone

Take, for instance, how I said (many times over) I was going to keep up with this little blog. Look how that turned out. Not too great, but things could be worse, right?

Take how I said I was going to exercise every day for 100 days. Has that happened? No. Turns out it’s way hard (which I knew) and I’m ridiculously busy (which I also knew) and I’m lazy (which I definitely knew). After everything is said and done, I don’t feel like going for a run or killing myself in my apartment to do a single round of Insanity or just turning off the lights and dancing like the awkward white girl I am.

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the 10 best apps in the world… as told by me…

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a ton of stuff going on pretty much all the time. And I do mean all the time. I work two different jobs, attempt to do things with this blog, and hang out with my friends, among other busy-bee things. Some days, it’s hard to keep my shit together.

I don’t consider myself to be a totally scatterbrained person, but I’ll admit to being borderline scatterbrained. There’s a fine line and I walk it often. How do I stay sane? By organizing my life with the beauty that is technology.

I’m not a techy girl, Reader, but boy, do I live and die by my apps. You’ll have to pry my iPhone 5 (still too cheap to get a new one, though I desperately need it) and MacBook from my cold, dead hands before I’ll give up these organizational godsends. And the best part about all of them? They sync across all my devices – including that iPad mini I have and rarely use.

Looking to get your shit organized or attempting to simplify your life? Check these out.

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what to expect when you’re expecting… to move to Korea… Part 2

Hey there, Reader. Let’s pick up where we left off last time and keep the tale going. (If you didn’t read Part 1 and are interested, you can read it here.)

So, we last stopped when I had been offered two “phantom” positions via the two recruiting agencies I applied through, Aclipse and Footprints. When I received these offers, it was late June of 2012, but I didn’t plan to leave the Americas until February 2013. Because everything you need to compile for leaving to teach in Korea is time-sensitive, it’s good to have a cushion to work with. Eight months is way more than enough time. I was so incredibly early that I did what I could, which wasn’t much, and then I sat on my hands for almost five months.

I don’t remember what kind of information I received from Footprints, but I’ll give you everything I’ve got from Aclipse. :)

Following my initial phone interview with my recruiter, she sent me an email saying that she was pleased to tell me she would be recommending me to the Chungdahm Learning headquarters team in Seoul for review. In addition, I would need to prepare and send some other materials in order to complete my application with them. I needed

  • a completed Chungdahm Learning application
  • an application essay, up to 500 words – a list of ten basic topics were provided for me to choose from
  • an additional copy of my resume (which I had already provided to Aclipse initially to start the process at the very beginning)
  • a professional-looking photo of myself, neatly dressed and with a solid background
  • a photocopy of the picture/signature pages of my passport
  • a photocopy of my college diploma
  • a video introduction – instructions were provided in her packet

I had exactly one week to get all this crap together and I didn’t waste any time. Most of it was really easy – making photocopies? Yeah. Easy-schmeasy. I filled out the application as requested. I double-checked my resume to make sure I hadn’t screwed anything up or needed to change anything. I took a picture of myself in my house against a beige wall. I sat down and finished the essay in an evening without breaking a sweat. The most challenging thing of the lot was the stupid video. It wasn’t hard, it was just super awkward. You talk about yourself on camera… It’s just weird. Also, I’m not a technical girl, so it took me a while to figure out how to save it correctly in the right format that would be acceptable according to the instructions. I had to FaceTime a friend to get it done… (I know, sad. I’ve come a long way!)

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i’m going to be the most Christmas-y of them all…

NaBloPoMo is coming to a close tomorrow. I missed two days – one on accident and one out of laziness – but overall, I stuck with it. I realize that maybe I should be posting these sort of sentiments tomorrow, on the actual last day of the whole “thing.” But all day, I’ve been thinking about how proud of myself I am.

I’m also quite proud of my decoration planning for my classroom. Today, I single-handedly traced and cut out 89, four-inch Christmas bulb shapes in various colors. And then I realized that I want to add some glitter to the edges (because I’m an over-achiever and it will be awesome and I have to win). I haven’t gotten to the glitter mess yet, but it’s on the list for tomorrow.

I’m not done with the other decor planning and execution thereof, but rest assured, I’m going to win. There’s no contest, no one has made any kind of announcement to say that we should decorate our classrooms and compete for the best, but I’m going to win.

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good news… i have room for at least three more scarves

Hey, Reader.

What you probably don’t remember is that I mentioned a few weeks ago that I moved from my old apartment, where I spent my first thirteen months in Korea, into JW’s apartment upon his departure. Said “new” apartment is a major come-up: no strange mildew smell; natural sunlight; brand new gas stove; bathroom with dimensions that allow for a hung shower curtain to keep half the space dry at all times; actual, working cable TV with a handful of channels playing English-speaking programming; and more storage space than my little heart could imagine.

The downside: it’s up four flights of stairs. But whatever. This place is the bomb.

So, I moved in more than five weeks ago. And over these five weeks, I have hardly made a dent in getting organized… I had a giant pile of scarves in the spare room, tangled and indiscernible from one another. I had crap all over the floor, begging for a home. I had Ziploc storage containers waiting to be washed and housed in a cabinet. I had clothes still in suitcases…

You get the point… I had junk everywhere.

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