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good news… i have room for at least three more scarves

Hey, Reader.

What you probably don’t remember is that I mentioned a few weeks ago that I moved from my old apartment, where I spent my first thirteen months in Korea, into JW’s apartment upon his departure. Said “new” apartment is a major come-up: no strange mildew smell; natural sunlight; brand new gas stove; bathroom with dimensions that allow for a hung shower curtain to keep half the space dry at all times; actual, working cable TV with a handful of channels playing English-speaking programming; and more storage space than my little heart could imagine.

The downside: it’s up four flights of stairs. But whatever. This place is the bomb.

So, I moved in more than five weeks ago. And over these five weeks, I have hardly made a dent in getting organized… I had a giant pile of scarves in the spare room, tangled and indiscernible from one another. I had crap all over the floor, begging for a home. I had Ziploc storage containers waiting to be washed and housed in a cabinet. I had clothes still in suitcases…

You get the point… I had junk everywhere.

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